The American White Girl Experience

How do they know and what are the upto?

YOur hair, makeup, fashion, walk, talk, spirit...Treat your man to the white girl experience. Fancy restaurants, champagne, lavish houses, pretty cars, clothes you're afraid to get dirty in and that high pitch silly, laying around in the sun, I don't know shit kind of voice. How do they maintain these very complicated kind of relationships in these lavish as houses? Why do you need mulch in your yard, what do they know about gardening, cooking, cleaning, washing, nursing...?

What is the American White girl experience, why should you want to have it and why would your man love it?

My husband, my husband, the strong influence of White women on the American society is too often played down, but very prevalent. Even though white girls didn’t raise their own families, they are the deciding factor on how American families are raised. So, why does the American society not listen to the voices of those who raised their families? How does someone who has not raised a family become the subject matter expert for raising families?

How do White women set the standards by which all Americans should live? In other words, being Black Women claim to be more fashion conscience, why doesn’t America consult their input when it comes to fashion? Why do White men, who treat their women as second class citizens, use only White women as the poster child for American beauty, when they know otherwise? How does a second class citizen set the standards and values for all others?

What does the Queen of England know about getting your hands dirty, yet can dictate to you how to do a job? How, why do we go along with such nonsense?

No ass or tits, cut-offs up to your ass, blonde hair, blue eyes; their walk, talk, hair, mannerisms, lifestyles are highly attractive features to Black Americans, even though we despise seeing a black man with a white. Even crazier white women despise the lifestyles of Black women, so the question is, whose fooling who? Why are White women so desperate to please a man who sees them less than a fellow human being?

Today, Black women have perfected this Barbie Doll kind of lifestyle and are giving their men the red carpet treatment - assimilation. As we are employed by their men, our goal has been to be equal. However, we've gone well past equal to duplicating and now our people suffer even more.

How do we know, because we nursed their asses. Why would anyone take on the challenge of being better than trash? The white man has set the standards for beauty in America and there's no room for the eyes of the beholder.

Don't let following the Jones's keep you down.

(((your inner


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!