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Public schools, private schools, charter schools, voucher programs and virtual education...If you can get the same diploma for reading at home, then why are we just discovering this.

What is the difference between online school and home school? In other words, why in the hell did we have to go to public schools anyway, why was it mandatory? Why did we spend all that money to build classrooms, teacher to student ratios, medicating for being ADHD vs. ADD, punishing parents for students being absent, school buses.... when we could have saved all that money and resources by home-schooling? It causes one to wonder are the children ADHD, ADD or is it really the people we have in charge?

Even with spending this all and before online school, students were performing worse than ever, but private companies were making millions. Is this this what it is all about and was it what school was all about? What does this say about our academic professionals?

I never knew how we boasted of school system producing more productive citizens, compared to our actual lifestyle??? With jobs dwindling, along with the quality of employees, alarming crime rate, what study/survey could report positive results? I guess it depends on whose conducting the study or survey? Do you reckon they were paid or forced to produce such lies?

Now, I am talking about a citizenry who would rather text while driving than to pulling off the road, playing it safe for everyone.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!