Surviving Your Own Violence

We would like to think of ourselves as peace loving, caring people, therefore we too often overlook our strong natural tendency to "do" something.

Man has the ability to destroy himself and/or build himself. There are many ways to prove your rights of passage through these very turbulent times. Most often we start this challenge with drugs and alcohol, until we find them fruitless.

Then, we try religion until we see the hypocrisy. We've developed in such a manner the man's goal is knocking out the next man. Then, there is the decision in which every man is confronted and that is “action”. The more risk, danger... involved in this challenge, the perception is the better the man surviving the challenge -hero.

This action has to be aggressive and violent - sports, survival challenges... Most are capable of acting out this propensity for aggression and violence through some sort of helpful manner, but there are others who perceive their helpful manner is turning aggressive and violent, taking it out on those close to them. That is why we have so much domestic violence and abuse.

When a man realizes he is wrong and everyone else right, he must right this wrong and it is during this very vulnerable period a man is the most dangerous or at his peak. The feelings of being deceived of your own purpose in life, even to the point of committing suicide? 

These periods occur at different times in a life and people being there for you is the only way to survive them.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!