Weapon most often used in Commission of Violent Crimes

It ain't guns?

Pushing an anti-gun political position, just pushes pro-gun rights buttons. It's not enough that we're going to die anyway, but one feels need to control the other and the whole shit is compromised , nothing gets done, just more of the same ole violence and fruitless arguments.

The weapon most often used in the commission of violent crime is not guns, but PSYCHOTIC PEOPLE. Gone untreated, It's a deadly mental illness affecting the mind, causing people to kill innocent people.

The most common cause of psychosis is CHRONIC ABUSE. It is not the tool that kills people, but the people behind the tool.

Any and everything can be used as a murder weapon and the most powerful murder weapon is the weapon which causes the greatest change in state of mind and that is "the mind". 

In a serious state of denial, family and society lack control, will to find, identify and help their own people. This gross negligence have caused a great deficiency in moral strengths and values, so victims see the need for greater violence to resolve disputes.

Further, paranoid, delusional, psychotic people feel the need for a bigger gun to neutralize their perceived threat, more and more of the drug to achieve a false sense of safety and security; and that is the danger in this game.

Any and everything can be used as a weapon and anything used for something other than a pro-life tool is a weapon.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!