Conquering Anger

Have you a reason for being angry?

Is unhappy the same as anger? Does frustration lead to unhappiness? Is anger a defense mechanism?

They say anger is a natural response and should be allowed. Is a crying baby angry, then why do adults get angry about such innocent events, knowing anger only perpetuates the problem? They say, "fight fire with fire".

HOw do you control anger in your daily life? People aggravate the shit out of you. Police, teachers, bosses, businessmen, preachers, government officials, doctors, lovers, children, your country, all have the propensity for provoking anger and it's too late to say I'm sorry. Many people strive off intimidating others, even though they do not wish to be intimidated. So, the problem is much bigger than YOU.

I see anger in nature. The angry elephant or bear attacked, so is your anger justified? Then, there are people who are habitually angry, they're angered by the smallest things, so who determines what's justified for anger or defending yourself?

When we're working more on bigger weapons to protect ourselves, how can we work on bigger ways to make peace? They say we need them for our own safety and security but what messages are we sending? As long as weapons are our primary means of making peace, there will be no peace.

Fighting fire with fire means employing even more extreme measures to achieve desired results but is that all we know? 

If knowing anger only perpetuates the problem why do we spend so much on military? Its like being married to a man who doesn't care. You get what you give and until adults and leaders can demonstrate better means of handling anger, people cannot show better means.

There's no use in discussing anything with a man who does not want peace, this man is arrogant and closed-minded. The first angry episode is on you and subsequent episodes are considered bullying. Constant frustration, constant fear is eating us from the inside out.

(((your inner

Mad, Anger - Your Inner Voice

Anger - Your Inner Voice

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!