How can you forget what's so obvious?

Lest we forget --- What happened to all the fun we used to have?

Can you remember what your lack of memory did to people yesterday? Have we created fun stories or have we created a monster?

We think we're so smart but how smart is anyone who forgets the obvious? How can you be so good but forget what provokes other human beings to anger? Like your manners? What's the problem when you must constantly remind someone?

Most of the stuff we learn is lost in a brain dump after the test. This starts the bad habit of not being able to remember shit because there's no strong connection and/or other than test purposes, the information is not important.

How smart can you be by forgetting the most important information, who, what, when, where? How can we best survive by forgetting the obvious shit or the ugly truth?

How do you learn from practice if you don't practice? When was the last time you had fun and what was it? What's happening to our relationships? Is what's happening today a direct result of conveniently forgetting the stuff we don't want to remember yesterday? Nobody wants to remember bad shit.

It takes more energy to keep forgetting bad shit than it does to participate in the natural process of allowing the brain to remember what actually happened. When you have a long history of creating bad shit, who wants to remember? How can  you "forget not" what not to do again, if  you don't want the same results?

Idriz Zogaj, a world champion memory experts. Zogaj has placed the Swedish as the number on National team in the World Memory Championships 2014! He says: "we tend to forget the obvious" and I say that's why people are so impressed with people who exceed the norm and that is why we don't trust self and if you don't trust yourself, who can you trust? So, the abusive cycles continues.

Zogaj suggest that remembering the obvious is creating fun in memory. Make a fun story of it and allow your brain to make a strong connection, which it does naturally, without effort. Together, let's create better memories.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!