Thanksgiving 2009, 10

Acts of kindness, in reflecting, how are they responding?

For me, 2009 has been a very tough year and I am going into 2010 with even more ambition. It has really tried me and today, I take pleasure in knowing, I HAVE SURVIVED. Even though, my trials are on going, I have come through unharmed.

The month of November, in America, is the month when families and friends come together to focus and reflect, giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day as the 25th of November, is the day of celebration.

During my reflection, I see Thanksgiving as an English word, which means it did not exist, in America, prior to the arrival of the first settlers, who befriended the indigenous people of this land. And as history would have it, to show their appreciation for a warm-hearted welcome, acts of kindness and generosity shared by the indigenous people, the new settlers introduced Thanksgiving, which they both enjoyed and is still celebrated today.

However, these gracious celebrations were short lived and came to a bloody halt, when the settlers decided to use a Thanksgiving celebration as bait to betray and initiate the beginnings of bloody and long fought battles to over throw the indigenous people of this land, in which the settlers emerged victorious.

For these acts of kindness, who and how could celebrations of thanksgiving be endeared? Victoriously, the settlers continued this tradition. Do you think the indigenous people were welcome? Do you think they even wanted to participate? Do you think the indigenous people have forgotten or been forgotten?

The bloody coups did not stop there. Not long after, all but wiping out the indigenous people of this country, the settlers engaged in Slavery, which gave them unlimited access to free labor which they chose to exploit, hold and help build this country into whatever they wanted. That is how I got here.

What has changed today? Though, I am very thankful for being healthy and alive, and I wish all well, I am deeply sadden when I think of what had to happen for me to be able to celebrate today. So as a descendant of slavery, which has developed into the relationship we share today, I am reminded how the first settlers, in America, responded to acts of kindness.

Does it live on today? Why? Speaking of Thanksgiving and its’ inception, who gave what to who and who is thankful for it? In America, how did this evolve into a time of Thanksgiving? How do you show appreciation? As we participate in celebration, why is it important to keep these facts in mind? What are you really celebrating? For what are you really thankful?

If you really think about how our Thanksgiving Holiday came about, what would you do? It is our mentality we are up against.

Happy Day Off!



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