Thanksgiving Celebrations 2011

Snake Mountain, Yucca Mountain is located within the Western Shoshone Nation and has long been a place of powerful spiritual energy for the Shoshone and the Paiute.

American Style Thanksgiving

How long have we been repeating this and what is the Thanksgiving about it all? Do you really know about what you're talking or are you just following traditions?

"Who will find peace with the lands? The future of humankind lies waiting for those who will come to understand their lives and take up their responsibilities to all living things." - Vine Deloria, God is Red

Some people will celebrate anything. Others might not need a reason. What about holidays and traditions started well before you were born. How can you see without eyes? I do not care what you celebrate, I too am a Christian and that does not change the facts. What is there to celebrate about slavery, What is there to celebrate about Native-Americans, What is remorse, what is confession, what is forgiveness, What is understanding? What is knowledge?

Do you know the true meaning of the American style Thanksgiving? Do you really know what you are celebrating? Where did the traditions, the turkey and trimmings, come from? Who were the indigenous people of this country? Where were African-Americans? Do you really care?

What was our ancestors thinking, their intent for establishing a day of thanksgiving? The answere will probably give the true meaning of what you are celebrating, unless there was a change?

Did you or do you ever think that you are celebrating this: money, greed, power struggles and the down-fall of a whole group of people? Eradicating them and taking their land so it could be exploited in every way? What about the establishment of a negative, male-dominating system, plaqued with racial prejudices and referred to by the indigenous people of this country as a “pyramid hierarchy system”. According to this article, which gives an indigenous account, in 1492, this terrible system contaminated the eastern shores of Great Turtle Island and spread across the country like a terrible plague.

or this: a "religion" introduced that an "invisible man in the sky watched their every move" and "might send them to a miserable, hot place forever" if they didn’t "believe in him" or follow a book allegedly "written by him" (but that the invisible man "truly loved them").

and this: Ignoring and disregarding Grand Mother Earth – the overall disrespect of the female gender – is crucial for the existence of the destructive “pyramid hierarchy”, which systems are today “led” by kings, presidents, prime ministers, chairmen, chiefs, dictators, gods, and other male figureheads.

According to "The Eyes of America", the Red Nation, the story was true yesterday and according to any eyes looking on, the stories are true today? Truth is covered by a bunch of lies and the lies are what you are celebrating. The story goes on and on.

Thanksgiving, if you really want to know more about what you are celebrating and how it all got started, just ask the eyes of America or trace your history. Remember, I enjoy celebrating just as much or more than the next person, but I am also honest with myself and desire to keep the story straight, in my love and respect for all people. I care. Trickery is how African-Americans were enslaved and genocide nearly wiped out Native-Americans, the Red Nations, the eyes of America. The reality of which can happen again, if you fail to heed truths. That is, if you care. Like I say, we are all connected, but we are not all stupid.

So the next time you are celebrating and ridiculously stuffing your face, indulging, think not only on yourself, do a little checking to learn why.

The Great Healing is currently at hand, by increasing awareness among the people of all nations. Read more


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