The Extremes

Everything has to be their way, but what about evil?

What is the difference between Micheal Brown and James Foley? Is his life more important than his and is his life less important than his?

One extremist has released videos and the other extremist has not!

Do extremists give a shit about evil, that's why they refer to themselves as extremists? They have made up in their minds that if you ain't Christian you ain't shit. Now, apply that same mentality to terrorists, the world over. Extremists come in all forms and expect you to roll over because they say something. Extremist are micro-managers, control freaks, think respect is given and not earned... Wars are caused by extremists who have no sense of compromise, they only live for revenge. There's a peaceful way to settle any depute before it turns violent and then there are deputes that are better served by not getting involved, while you would only escalate the situation. The Serenity Prayer here.

Racist groups in America are of my main concern, they are the greatest threat to me. I know if they killed sixteen year old Micheal Brown, Travon Martin, Emmett Till... I know what they would do to me. Now you take those same extremists and face them off  with a terrorist group like ISIS, all they're going to do is run.

First, I must check myself and I believe every person can be GREAT without infringing on others. And there's nowhere for me to run.

Every side has it's extremes and two sides to every story, but the victor is the only side heard. There's a bit of Christian history that was quite similar. The extremes are often the most heard in anything even though they are in the minority.

Extremists are cowards, hide behind masks, badges and bully with weapons. Does this not describe our police, who are nothing more than hired guns for people in power?

Extremist don't think or care about the consequences and no regard for human life, they just act. There is a huge difference between a response to evil and starting evil. A nuclear barrage we need to drop a nuke or nukes to finish those terrorists once and for all. If we attempt to do that to them, think about the consequences....WHAT ABOUT US? Evil for Evil does not pay. No winners, only losers.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!