The Family

How is this family thing working in America today? In where do you fit? Whose family? Whom does family exclude, why?

Uhoh, I gotta run to the bathroom. Are you for real, you need to be in this meeting, how dare you interrupt, why are you late, how mechanical are we? Well, those days are all but gone and thank God for that.

Have you noticed Americans are starting to be a bit more human in their behavior? Remember when America was truly a double standard society - black, women, Red? A time and a place when everything in America was for Whites and Blacks Only, how sad but true?

So, what’s going on with this thing called Family. Well, for the first time in the history of America, we’ve recognized the color in our President of the United States of America. It’s the greatest thing White Americans could have done to “start getting over themselves”, plus, the old ugly racists are dying off. I spoke today with a old elderly White Woman who considers herself a “reformed racist”. She talked about how she and her family were terrified by and hated “The Indians”, Native Americans, the indigenous people of this land. All about how her family, communities, Armies united in violent attacks and abuse to wipe Native Americans OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. What would make any person, especially a people turn to hate an innocent, warm and friendly person and a people so badly?  What is the underlying agenda, what would be their motivation, is it hidden or is overt inhumane behavior directed towards another innocent, warm and friendly individual?

An Inferior people trying to make themselves superior! Where do the STRONGEST MEN IN THE WORLD LIVE? In order to carry out the slave labor needed, these slaves were chosen because they were truly the strongest men the world. Why can't you out run, hit, catch, jump, act, think, party, work them?

The boat ride alone proves how resilient the survivors were. How many years did they faithfully work, under the worse conditions to help you build what you could not build on your own? Now, Why did you call on this people if you knew they were not capable of doing what you could not?

Now, to prove how even more stupid your dumb ass is,,, you tried to kill off the people, your Sherpa, your guide, your teacher, the people who knew most about this land and were quite willing to share. Only a cold hearted, cold blooded, coward could repeatedly commit such crimes and think themselves to be remotely right. Nothing to be angered about, just truth.

Your historians, your scientists, doctors,lawyers, all your so called professionals have repeatedly lied to hide these facts about your inferiorities. It is a proven fact that White, especially Americans, are inferior to anything good and wholesome. Then, why do, why would any sane man,  use his enslave laborers to nanny their children? Wouldn't you think some kind of connection would develop, a connection you could not deny, come on now!

What does it take to survive in this American Society, it's always what Black folk are being denied, yet we still rise. No matter what, we are one.

(((your inner

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!