Love and Logic

Can love and logic coexist, can they reside in the same relationship?

Oh Boy, how we pretend they exist and how clever we are in accomplishing this? But if you just take one notion of a family living in $58,000,000 house, just because they think they can afford this, would be like me going out and killing 600,000 people because I can afford it. This is exactly what this kind of stuff produces, if you can rationalize this, you can rationalize anything. The crazy part about this all is, it okay for a rich man to live like this, while at the same time a man on food stamps is denied from buying toilet paper?

The perception is a double-standard, the notion of one man earning it and another abusing the very exact same thing. A rich man can use his power to violate all the rules and it is viewed as politics when the same efforts by a poor man are considered criminal.

Now, apply this same analogy to family and raising children, while it was okay to use oppressed black people to do things like nanny and perform any other undesirable duties, it is outlawed when the very same black people reach the level where they can do the same thing. It's okay for a white master to abuse his slaves but illegal for a black man to abuse his???

I'm searching for the logic, I'm looking for the love??? How can you know love without ever practicing love?

America has a long history of creating misery and her people are forced to do all they can to cope and this is what love and logic means in America.

It is okay for the likes of Bill Gates to raise his family practicing Love and Logic, but a black person has to consider the laws, rules and regulations established by DCFS and labor laws to raise theirs??? Don't think this is true?

How can you love a people who hates themselves, well, how can you love a people who does not know how to love and respect others?

So, if you want to believe love and logic can coexist, in the same house, why does not it exist in America? I heard David Letterman and Olivia Munn discussing they're take on people complaining about what's going on in America, but yet she complains about her family on public television? Do you see how provocative Olivia dresses, compared to the nothingness coming out of her mouth, how does this qualify??? and you already know how David Letterman makes his living?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!