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How one person can change your life? Why don't our leaders ever meet this one? This week I've met more beautiful people than ever...a Don, a Chris, good people on the opposite side of the fence, yet...

How do so many "jar heads", and this derogatory term has nothing to do with Marines, get in our most powerful leadership positions? How do we survive like this? Whatever happened to the "best man" winning? If there are so many good people in the world, why do we stay so "fucked up" and no drugs? Why are we faced with more decisions about killing our fellow man than we are about helping him find affordable housing?

Like it or not, there are decisions we make, for which we are forever doomed. Not everyone is a part of the decision making process yet the good must suffer with the bad. The thing about this all is, "It is intentional". The politician profits from the businessman who profits from the slave labor of his own people, yet want to sell his products to the same people denied. What kind of bullshit economy is this? Why does it take a "formally educated" man to figure out what makes no sense to a wise man and why doesn't wise man make good business sense anymore? What ever happened to the notion of iron sharpening iron? Is the notion of being rich iron, is the notion of being poor iron? Why is the notion of being wise quickly fading into the notion of being selfish?

Most reading this will not identify because we see running the "rat race" as a wise way of making a living. We see stressing the hell out of our fellow man as a means of separating the strong from the weak, but look at what's happening as a result? It is not you do not physically travel, but a mentality your mind is only open to the same old bullshit, more more and more for me. Will we ever learn?

Think of the number of people who never left their hometowns, poor and rich? Then, there is the idea of how closed or opened the mind might be, yet these people are put in positions of power to rule over everything. They are appointed puppets trapped by people with money power. It ain't the guns that kill people, it's the people behind the guns and any more you need a gun to help stay alive in America - more big business. To hell with quality or a good deal, everybody wants to buy for cheap and sell high to their own people. Cash, will it help to be the last man standing? Does it help to build better relationships?

As wrong as we know we are, why do we keep "digging ourselves deeper in debt"? If feeling like you need to be armed is any indication of safer and more secure, then from what did our society come and how do you call this progress? Wouldn't we feel a lot better, have more confidence, respect, knowing a gun as a good tool instead of a dangerous weapon?

And these are the people who run and ruined our communities, we no longer know who is or from where our enemy came, but we do know we have been severely infiltrated. Everybody is forcing their shit on everybody else. How did this happen to our safe and secure communities?

Change has only been to the advantage of those making the change, but we are told, “it’s for the good of all”. The reverse of which is said to be “imminent domain”. The government can stop you but you cannot stop the government, then what kind of people make up the government and is it biased to its own cause? Is it Private property for government use, is this all we have achieved in all these years??? Is this how we're "formally educating" our children? Is it a superior vs. inferior philosophy which binds us all together? A psychotic people

These people under the title of government have appointed themselves authority over everything, which has totally changed the future outlook for people, land and resources. We hate every fucking thing, including ourselves. EVen being President as become a laughing matter, of course unless Donald Trump wins.

Sometimes you want to know what is really going on and then, does anyone else see what you do? How does the poor survive being poor and how does the rich survive being rich? Why would any people, in their right mind create these two great evils and be forever doomed to resolving them? Does not life present enough challenges without creating our own? Can't every citizen desiring live in a nice house and if not can't we help him build one?

This week, I met Don, teacher, wise man and Chris, world traveler, family man; both are Americans as different as different can be from me, but guess what: I learned so much from them. The main lesson learned, as different as we may appear to be, there is still common ground, now, why am I still being denied and made to believe some political giant is going to do something special for my cause? Why are we not allowed to work out our own differences, based upon a standard agreed upon by everyone, like our constitution? Why am I presented leaders promoting "greater division" rather than leaders who can agree to unite us all? Shouldn't there be at least one priority on which we all can work or are we too far gone? Are we so narrow minded, so closed minded we cannot agree upon "one " most important priority on which we all can work, for our country, fuck the bullshit?

Don't we want to be united, why are we called the United States?

We have so many beautiful places and spaces, but none at a price we can afford. The ones who created them act as if they are so financially strapped they must use unethical tactics to promote their products and services. Then the ones in need of these products and services are required to slave like a ….. to earn a right to the monies to pay for utilizing these same products and services, and within this chaos and confusion everyone feels justified.

They say travel is the best teacher, you learn from your own experiences; it is a humbling lifestyle and everyone is your teacher. You don’t know where you are going and you are happy when you are well received. It is a true blessing when you made feel at home, at peace in the world full of so much violence and abuse. It is a humbling experience when you know the key to living in our world.

Societies in our world today have become so “upside down” we are a threat to everything within. The place called home is so hostile, it threatens our own existence. There is help for the rich, which can buy anything, but help for those who need it most is subject to the scrutiny of those who need it least. One group is starving to help and the other seeking personal gain. So, who's giving back?

We have more of everything required to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle, but it is only causing us to be more corrupt. We appear to be progressing; we believe we are progressing although we know otherwise.

When does this end? The end of creativity, the end of thinking and stifled growth? When can we lay aside all these issues and get to the business at hand, the issues which face you and I?

(((your inner

"Do Blacks Want to Wake-up"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!