The Best Way To Describe People

Are we who say we are in our most important roles in life -the identity crisis?

Why do people want to figure out stuff? Why is education Big Business? If you want to know the most current trend or know how to best protect yourself or to train your children to get what they need, then you need to understand how people operate. It is not what we say it is, but what we do not say. Can you read between the lines? 

The more time goes on the more we get away from what we already.

Somebody is always out there telling you how to best live your life, there is a good reason for that and it is because alone, we are very vulnerable. To balance this off, people are constantly seeking advice and a sense of belonging on how to better conduct themselves. Well, look no further because when you read this there will be no need for seeking.

I will start by reminding you of the behavior displayed by our politicians, leaders, business people, church people, educators, police, how they want you to see them versus who they really are. And believe it or not, it is acceptable, but if it was the other way around, you would be viewed as a criminal, a low-life, looking for a free ride, taking advantage of the system. It is okay for them but forbidden for the people they serve. Police can speed but your speeding is subject to their interpretation. Is free really free? Is zero really zero, no obligation really no obligation... are these tricks, called marketing strategies to lure you into whatever they selling. Is inflation fact or just another evil strategy? Prices going up while value goes down is cheap stuff accepted, cannot be corrected? Why have a budget? Do we really believe in karma?

Can you depend on our advertisement or is it more false than true? Are the ingredients written so you fully understand what you are eating and why do not they teach all these big words in school? Do you really understand the loan papers you are signing? What about the contract for your house? Do they want you to understand.

People are like snakes. Over time, people have evolved to be more like snakes than human beings. If the most influential people behave like this, then what does that say for the masses? If the best of us is this way, what does that say for the rest of us? When you understand you have to be a snake to best survive in the new world that is when you can best survive.

No matter how good a snake knows he is, his best defense, his best means of surviving is to move undetected. Also, unique about a snake, is his sense of loyalty is unlike anything we understand. No matter how good you are to them, they are subject to bite you without provocation. Though we know snakes are all about, we are quite surprised when we see one.

What is it that causes this very unpredictable behavior? How does a snake know when to bite you? Why would anything bite the hand that feeds it?

The identity crisis, how can it be better to be someone else than who you are? Nobody knows anybody and this is widely accepted, even though you are on  a network to get to know each other. How is disguising your identity helpful in protecting you? Well, if the next person does the same, how do you ever know the real person, which makes you more vulnerable than "telling the truth". We are threatening the authenticity of everything required to be a human being and it shows in our work, food. The quality of all we do has been compromised and that is why it is hard to find good help.

It is crazy, we are living in a time when we have more help than ever before, but good help is ever harder to come by, now, you tell me what is going on. And the whole idea of this all was to make things better, not worse. Today, we glorify the snake.

The biblical story of Adam, Eve and the Serpent demonstrates this, how the snake, in the garden of Eden, supposedly deceived Eve into taking the forbidden fruit and taking this forbidden fruit led to the downfall of the entire animal species and humans were punished with painful child birth. This downfall led to critical changes in important roles in religious and cultural life. If you want to best survive then you had better learn to act like a snake. Making good use of camouflage, the least likely is the most likely.

(((your inner

What do people really want from you in this Fucked up world?"

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!