What do people really want from you in this Fucked up world?

Does your man really love you and do you know what love really is? The GROUP, are we really as trustworthy as we would like for you to think we are?

If the world is so short of love then what's going on with individuals? I love you, I love the Lord, I love my children, I love my husband... how can all this love exist and yet, the world be critically short on love? All about how trustworthy and dependable we are, yet the world is critically short in these areas, how can this be? All about how we love the Lord, yet the ones saying this are less caring than those who do not. Black on black crime, somebody is lying and/or grossly misinformed. How do we keep getting better and the rest of the world falling behind - no. 1 world power? Are we really organizing to put your needs, expectations and interests out front? Are we consistently delivering easy and effective results, where you feel valued and if so, for who? Do you feel we are making our lifestyles more simple or more complicated?

The group, the wicked ass Group. Who are you and what do you want from me? Instinct, we must be apart of some Group, some klan in order to be recognized. At times this group is referred to as "The Box". What we do not want you to know is how wicked the box we have created really is.

We pretend to know a lot, but do we want you to know what we really know? Does your wife really want a "God fearing man"? What is a God fearing man and why has not he made a difference? Why is it the more God fearing people we get, the worse things are?

As much as people would like to think of themselves as individuals, at the same time we know we are doomed without the group. We teach being individuals, our preacher said, our teacher said, our law said... finally, it just ain't acceptable to learn shit on your own. We have become institutionalized. If it is not approved by an institution, then it is forbidden and the fear of violating institutionalized learning has overwhelmed our society. We throw away resources on research but scrutinize them in helping our fellow man. We want you to believe we are here to help, when we are actually here to destroy every fucking thing, intentional and unintentional. And for me exposing all this shit, I am considered the "trouble maker".

What do you really want? I want to to be what we say it is. I want to live a life of truth and stop all this confusion and chaos bullshit. That is my intended purpose.

When pressured, we take refuge in being apart of the wicked as group. We pray for a decent burial, knowing all the time how wicked our funeral business has become. We take advantage of these groups to flaunt our prestige, but what good is prestige to a dead person? What good is it to teach one thing when it is actually another? Does a skyscraper cause more harm than good? Why build something to fall on you?

You are never good enough as an individual and you are never good enough for the group. Why do we work in vain? You reject me as I am, direct me to meet all your requirements and when I meet them, you still reject me. This is what makes the group so Evil. Some people think the world cannot exist without them touching everything, even they had nothing to do with what exist, including themselves.

Some are going to say “such language”, “his limited vocabulary”… but I think this kind of language is not strong enough and it is because of people who take offense to it.

The argument is: What is wrong with you? You are never good enough? We made it appear to be so disastrous being an individual and this is what contributes to the alarming crime rate and poor relationships- fucked-up? We will not admit this but we know this. And we are constantly smelling on each other to determine if you have pushed all the established buttons to warrant receiving a fat paycheck and for those who are not, we condemn you to hell and blame you for all our failures, when know it is just the opposite, but you are not suppose to tell.

We actually punish you for being an individual. If you do not want to participate in our sophisticated game of lifestyles, we punish you to death. We say we are feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, educating the illiterate… but at the same time, we despise these people, setting them up for the kill and subjecting them to severe punishment if they do not conform.

What other reason is there to work, if not for the good of the group? But what good is working for an evil as group? Is helping your fellow man, helping your boss earn as much money as he can? Today, the greatest measurement of success is money, hence we have made money the key to life.

We would like for you to think we are so good and upright and because of that, we have the best there is and your best interest at heart,,, all to lure you into the group. We do everything there is to convey this message. We think we know the best cure for everything, as long as you get it from us. We’re not perfect and that is always our little excuse for being “so fucked up” and to remain in good graces with the group. The biggest culprits are those who think they are doing the proverbial “right thing”; the education, the religion, the job, the business. You cannot convince these kind of people that what they are doing is destroying everything for which “we” work.

It is all hidden behind “the individual” and as individuals we separate ourselves from the group, yet are able to maintain acceptance by the group. But how can you separate yourself from the one at work and the one at home? Have we mastered that or are we just that misguided. How can you be an employee during the day and a nice person for the remainder of the day? How can you work for the devil yet call yourself a saint?

Individuals know how fucked up they are and that is why we have invented all this other fucked up stuff. It is to cover wicked actions, while being too quick to condemn yours. Now, it is literally a death wish to tell them otherwise. It is a “you are all wrong and we are all right” kind of attitude, even we know there is nothing further from the truth. Individuals know how wicked the world is, yet refuse to resist because they are afraid of being punished and/or rejected by the group.

The Evil ass Group consist of those in leadership roles, those who have appointed themselves the power to punish others, even by death. And instead of using love and caring to administer justice, we use the gun. It is this threat we use as a weapon to force our people into conforming. It is the same in our relationships.

There are those who do not want to pull their share of the workload. The workload, is it outside the home or inside? It all starts at home. How fucked up are you, just look at your family. Can you separate yourself, do you? How much family shit do you do? We are too corrupt to be a family? How is it a family when strangers treat you better than your family? How is it family when we are taught to take advantage of family members? How is it family when the definition is so distorted we are compelled to destroy one another?

It is not what you do as much as how. We have substituted family learning for institutional learning. Have you ever heard of a robber portraying himself as a criminal? Would you allow them in if they did? That is the same analogy with our established systems. That is the same analogy with our spouses, partners, families, business persons, our lifestyles. The robber knows he must disguise himself in order to go undetected. We must disguise ourselves as a terrorizing group in order to do all this evil shit we do. The evil group gives you all you need in exchange for helping them do their dirty work.

Family is what life and lifestyles are all about, sharing, caring, loving and multiplying. Family is how we got to where we are today. Family is self respect. Family is the motivation, inspiration for all we do.

What was family; we have abandoned and created our own. The role of Father has so diminished until Fathers are all but nonexistent. No more roles for mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, all these roles have defaulted to the most responsible mother. This means the role of mother is now extending well beyond child bearing age, we are getting more mothers with less responsibility and the next generation is more confused than ever. How do you replicate what granny did and likewise, how do you replicate what mama did? How can same-sex reproduce?

There is the religion family, the educated family, the gender family, the race family, the wealthy family, the size family; and the thing about this is, all of these families conflict with each other. We say they do not while knowing they do. Just one example: Why are not white families treated the same as black families and why do not black families know the difference? How did we ever get into this family shit? What would lead us astray from our own families?

What does any of these families, we have created, have to do with what needs to be done? Why do we further complicate matters? Why does your spouse want what she refuses to give to self? After the baby, what are you doing? Now, everybody is out stressing over being what they are not, just so they can be accepted by the group and we call this Progression. People walking around with ear pieces, phones and computers to make themselves look important??? Why is it, the more technical we get, the less appreciative we are?

What they have not realized is the group has already rejected and condemned them for being individuals or you would not have had to meet all these established requirements, in order to be accepted into “the evil group”. The idea being, you are not good enough until you we say you are by being approved for meeting all these crazy ass requirements we have implemented to cause you to act like what we think the group wants to see. And when you have met all our established criteria, we kick you to the curve, the nursing home.

This has become established practice, even for those within the wicked group. They must continue acting to keep people chasing the evil as group. This is why we have an increase in gated, more arrogant communities and a decrease in more open and humble communities.

It is so amazing how a people so evil can be so influential over a people considering themselves so good, blessed, benevolent… and that is how we have become more fucked up than ever. Nobody wants to take personal responsibility and the group is just an acting of being self-serving.

Pristine is a word of the past and being individuals is a way of the past. It no longer pays, is not accepted and grounds for harsh punishment for you to be you.

We say we want honesty, but do people what you? We say we want love and caring but does anyone care for you, just as you are?

People want you to believe they are who you want them to be.

“a world where every individual’s worth is cause for celebration; a world in which inspiration plus action can lead to transformation; a world where each of us can make positive change by discovering our own greatness.” - Muhammad Ali

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!