Thinking for Self

One minute someone is saying think of others...? Why be "fucked up"?

Is what you think really going on? How do you respond to that? Wrong to be right? Then, what good does it do to even think?

Is my spouse really cheating? Am I really going through a divorce? Do I really have this disease, crime, banker’s fraud, Al Qaeda, investments scams, politics… Is it a dream, Am I really going through this?

How am I living? Now that I have everything I "wanted"? Have I learned any damn thing? And what good does it do to "know any damn thing"? With all I do and know, shit is still going backwards. As a matter of fact, it going even faster!

Is it getting worse or better? Is NKorea really preparing to attack the country in which I live, why? What did I do and what am I going to do?

Has it become a crime to think for ourselves ... that pretty much means they’re going to kill you... When things start going really bad. What do we do with others who commit these kind of crimes.

Are you saying there will be nobody left to punish you? What is our incentive for doing this shit? How can you prosper when you’re not prospering? Self-Destruction?

You’re going to lose your job? A lady used that as her reason for not telling her truths. She actually said, I got to pay for my car? Are we trapped in Debtors Prison, so much so we can’t be truthful? Then what good is being right in a wrong world? How do you teach “I’ve got to be wrong in order to be right”?

And in the next breath they're saying, "I got to do me, me first, me, me, me"? So which do you do and what are the consequences, Long and short? Either way, you're just as fucked up.

Why do we act like we’re doing so much for others? To answer that question, ask yourself, What has anybody done for you? It’s a bad day when thinking for self evolves into “thinking only of self”?


(((your inner

Forcing the truth

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!