Telling The Truth

Where is the truth? Why is truth so hard to get at? Torture!

Making a person tell the truth. Most of us have to be tortured and you still do not tell the truth. So what are we telling?

I know we're not perfect, especially me, but what is this shit we're communicating? Are people with money spending it properly? Do they have any responsibility other than to keep you from getting it? Do poor people deserve it, then why is our society so corrupt?

Should I keep saying anything? Will it do any good? Is there any good to telling the truth?

How do you make a person tell the truth? Do you know anything, then who’s telling the truth? Better yet, who’s lying? Why is that so Important and do I decide? What about my quality of life?

When I have the power, I don’t do shit. I find it hard as hell to excite myself, for I have been deceiving myself and others for so long I even now believe my own lies. My lies now make sense to me, saying the truth makes no-sense? How did I go from “wanting to be free” to wanting to be “treated civil/equally”? Does that make sense? If I treated myself, what would be the problem? Now, I am only validated by them.

You want open and honest relationships, yet you reveal otherwise?

I can do a pretty fine job at impressing myself, but is that fooling myself? In a country and community where I, my parents, my ancestors grew up why, what else must I do to prove I am “the most qualified for this job”? Why must you store my personal information when I cannot store yours? What good does it do when I point out your flaws, your job history, credit score, debt to income ratio, your community service…

So, Am I really helping or hurting? Now, who am I helping or hurting? Why would I hurt myself? If I could help myself would it be this way? I’ve made a lot of foolish mistakes along the way trying like hell to be accepted, impress somebody who ain’t worth it. How is that respect?

I now that I live, next to you, what does that make me? Has our relationship together really changed or are we just fooling? Does that make me better or just impress me, fool me into thinking I’m just as good? But what good does “just as good” do you when you’ve been upto no good all this time? Because I now have money, must I be just as selfish as you? Do I look up to those with good jobs and down on those with bad jobs? Why do so many more people have bad jobs and at the same time, we’re still looking for more jobs?

Is it too late? Here we go with that shit again, and somebody is going to say, It’s never too late… but what’s left when you’re gone? You never said anything and all you ever did was try to meet the standard? You did not do the best you could, you only did what you thought they would accept, which was to make you look better than me. What do you expect love ones to do?

Remember when it was a good thing to live and leave a legacy? When we knew a person was lying, even without a lie detector? Today, how are they to know? Does today indicate we're getting better or worse?

Will your pictures be enough? What good is that image when you don’t pay attention to the images you see? All of these characters are images, photos and each character has a special message for you deep within and that is why it is so important for you to express yours, YIV.

And they are all here to help me better understand what the memories will be when someone looks at my pictures?

How do you make a person tell the truth, first they must realize they’re lying and know where to find the truth. Why are you searching for the truth when you don’t want to recognize, the truth resides within? And it takes extraordinary courage and candor to reveal to the world what truly resides within.

(((your inner

The truth

Truth is like calling you momma a whore

Bargirls, Suicide and...

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!