How thoughtful are YOU?

Do you realize the power in that one word: THOUGHTFUL? What good is "just a thank you"?

We've said thank you so fucking much, it has no meaning. Do you say thank when you get food stamps? Has our government taught us how not to be appreciative, which hinders progress? Are we becoming more generous or selfish?

Are we thoughtful or are we a mindless people? Is "thank you" a word or Action? Is it mindless thank you or how can I do better? Mindless has to do with  being without conscious and we are one mindless fucking people.

What if you got what you needed? What if I needed a truck and got a fucking truck? What if I needed a roof, got the money, the roof and installed, now WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

Mindless also has to do with the inability be thoughtful, meaning  your can't think of shit to do in return?

You know we talk about how good, how Christian, highly favored, blessed... we are, especially as compared to the rest of the world. But if we're so fucking all that our Preachers claim them to be, how did we come to be MINDLESS? We exercise every part of our bodies, except our minds. If we exercised our minds as much as we do the gym, how much better would our world be? 

Mindless is unique in that it starts at the top with crime and corruption and that is why it is so hard to detect. We're so determined to be a success, we forget about all the shit to get there. Our mindless ass governments and its systems all boils down to a mindless people. And a mindless people is very unappreciative. We're so greedy to get to the next thing, we never properly appreciate what have and when you do not appreciate what you have, what good does it do to have it? I need to save before I lose. You don't know how to make people feel good but you want people to make you feel good? Where is the "thank you for your generosity"?

Thoughtfulness, is one word with the power to change this world, without a shot being fired, if we were it?

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!