I already for got

Actions speak louder than words. This article is supposed to make me forgit...

How often do you forget? You know how people pretend? I forgot. A Man, do you even remember why you came here, in the first place? How often do you experience that? 

Why did you come here, why were you born? Know how u lie to yourself???

CRs, the can't remember shit disease, alzhiemer, dementia, sleep, drinking, eating three meals a day...busy doing what,,, even if you try real hard, hahaha! From where comes your inspiration?

Just trying to remember shit you can't remember? Your excuses, How stupid is that?

I'm sitting here trying to remember shit I can't remember, just forgot, but feel I ought to know...

The next time you remember something important, remember you forgot to forgit it. This is a reality, How do you know? Think about all the shit we do not want to remember: How was this country really founded, upon what principles... Really, your stupid ass don't want to remember.

Spelling "forgit", I already forgot it's not a word, I just keep forgetting. I just forgot you came and took control. I'm so glad. People who know! They just forgot. Now, watch shit change, powerful.

Reminding a people of what they're suppose to remember. How could you forgit?

Please help me remember TODAY. How beautiful it is, how special and how appreciative I am to have another opportunity... to get it right today.

(((your inner voice.com)))

You came into my life! Why, why the hell waste my time? Wasting valuable,,

I don't know about this disruptive behavior, being I'm "so good and all"?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!