Too Many Lies

I don't what to say, to what good...

Did your parents teach you to tell the truth? What did they teach you about lying, why? Were they lying, why? How do you correct that?

Who ruins this country, are they lying? Is this a country built upon lies,deceit and deception...

You know people who are all the time talking, they can’t do shit, but they can tell you everything….poli-ticians, lawyers, preachers; can a whole people be a lowdown liar?

Then, what does that make me? Do you really need to go somewhere, anywhere else, outside yourself to learn about God? Why do we lie so bad, just obvious lies? Why do I feel compelled to write this? Why do I feel compelled to tell you what I see? How do you know the truth, when you are always lying?

You say you found happiness here, you know how many people say, “They are happy with this shit”? How can you be happy in this shit? They are happy being apart of all this bullshit… Even though we have so many political parties, religions, betrayals… job gone overseas, businesses gone to “towel heads” and any other immigrant, than yourself?

How can you be happy going to church conscious of what’s really going on there? How can you? I don’t care which way you look at it, churches are no good, they just hate the other religions or other people? Why are our churches so segregated, why are they the last and not the first, like they claim- phony people?

How high can prices go and then what? Is it the more you charge the more you earn? How can that be?

So please tell me this, from where did you learn to be happy? Was it during the civil wars, racism, jim crowe, women rights, child labor, small businesses, schools, education… Where, how in the Sam Hell can you be happy in this shit, living in a world where You can’t depend on one individual, not one single fucking individual. It’s so bad, you don’t even trust your self--- your inner voice.

Where is the self-sustaining economy, the self-sustaining people, how can you be independent as we promote the wrong people. What’s wrong with Black people? Then, we try and hide the shit, don’t you think God sees you? Don’t you see you?

Why would we go from farming, more independent, self-sustaining, freedom… to where ever it is you call this today? Talking about a fool. Violence and abuse is at an all time high and it was even higher back then. Why would you flee/stray away from a peaceful life?

Talking about betrayal, what kind of people betrays themselves? In order to betray others, you must first betray self.

What’s the BIGGEST “PLUS” you find with America? Tell the truth. If I don’t tell you, what does that make me? Who do they love? Or is it what? What is the only thing that Christian Americans care about? What’s the bottom line? Is it right, is it suppose to be? Can we change that, will we? Then what does that make us? Is there any honor in lying, hatred...


Why argue overTrivial Bullshit?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!