Trivial Bull Shit

I love this up from the grave theme::: Are you afraid to say that? In that lies the problem or is it truth?

Where are all the do-gooders? Why don't they stand up and say something? Why is crime, violence, abuse, racism, hatred... escalating at alarming rates? Are you afraid to say that? In that lies the problem and I am going to say it until things change.

What good does it do to share a lie? How does lying prosper me? Will you allow your envy and jealousy... to destroy all, including self?

Are Christians afraid to use their power? How can you fix a problem when you refuse to recognize it? How can you educate when you fail to address the root of the problem?

Like getting a driver's license these days, just more and more trivial bullshit instead of addressing the real problem, can't you see that? And that is the kind of trivial bullshit for which Christians are notorious. Now, I am not against any race or religion...I just call them as they are and I am so thankful for having the courage to do so.

Now, many of you “so called” Christians are saying: That’s Art’s opinion; but I beg to differ because what I am saying is not my opinion but truth and you know it. Show me a so called Christian who lives by biblical principles that govern christainity,, just show me one. I mean that.

Christians are so fucking hypocritical, it pathetic. Then they are in a serious state of denial about that all, knowing… Now if that ain’t a sin, then what is? Why would you intentionally deceive yourself and others? Why would you set us all up for failure?

Chirstainity and Christians are the greatest perpetrators of pitting one human being against another human being, just like in America.

Life is too short to do anything over Trival Bullshit.

Christianity is nothing more than trivial bullshit and you have the power to change that, use it.

There is a renewed sense of responsibility, of belonging...and the only way to experience this, to embrace this is through sharing your absolute truths and allowing others to do the same....respect.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!