Too Radical

I am told I'm too radical, I scare people... and here's why?

If you saw a disaster coming, would you say anything? Paul Revere's ride, harriet tubman's underground railroad, mlk's march... was any of these radical or was it the situation, the why they did what they did - passion?

Somehow, I have the nerve to speak from a voice deep, deep down inside of me, which most tend to ignore and I call it my inner voice.

It tells me to tell the truth as best as I can, just like we say we’re suppose to do, keyword here is “suppose”. I speak in the language to which I am spoken and what I write is a direct result of that. That is my gift to you.

My parents were great and raised me, probably in the same manner as you, if not better. Early on they taught me the meaning of being truthful, no matter how dire the situation. This is just the opposite of what I find today and I act out to ward it away, far, far away from me.

If you really think about the situation today, you can clearly see, it’s not me that radical but businesses like oil companies, technology, food distributors, transporters, politicians, educators, insurance companies, banks, utility companies, racist ass people, religious ass people, bad cops, gun toting citizens, high ass health care… and the list just goes on and on, all of which is driving us to listen to them and do crazy ass shit. Are more people taking up arms or less, why? In so doing, they disregard whatever the hell you think and what they’re supposed to do for the good of the whole.

Do you want to see this? Do you want to do something about this? Can there be a good end to such an ordeal? No matter how good we claim we’ve gotten, the situation is only getting worse, so what good is that good?

I am frankly pointing out what I experience and witness, in my own language. To that I’m saying it doesn’t have to be this way and how to change it is stop listening to these evil voices and start listening to (((your inner voice))). In that way “we” will be better served.

 Now, if you want to call that being too radical and if that scares you, my question to you is, Why doesn't what's going on today scare the hell out of you?   

(((your inner

Growing Together

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!