Top Things Seniors Do

What do our elderly do, is it what you think?

Boy, we know what our youth do, but just what do our seniors, our elderly have to look forward?

Bible study, choir mtg, church on Sunday,church meeting to run everything?

1. The number one thing seniors do is... Talk about people. Now, you know why seniors have less and less to look forward to.

The thing about church is it is a belief. We don't understand it, but the belief??? A many lives have been lost, a many families destroyed all over "this belief.

It's amazing how the best of us leads the rest of us to believe what they want us to believe, no matter how unbelievable. Can anybody tell you, you need to be saved? Judging, would God give such a shallow minded people that much power? Why make anything needy? It's all provided but they want you to believe they provided it and everybody else needs it.

Now, don't go jumping to conclusions, but why would I push my beliefs on anyone else? Why would I deny anyone the opportunity to worship with my God? Why would I establish all the conditions, I can't meet, to come to my God? Why would I want to go to a God who tolerates greedy people? Why would I want a God who allows me to abuse others?

My point being, there are two places the greatest number of people find your God, in church and in prisons. Not bad, but consider the source.

2. Muslims, Jews and Christians, shopping to buy gifts, which side are you and the rest of us are voodoo. The rest of us are practicing some evil shit which threatens the good of anything good and wholesome? As hypocritical as Christians are known to be, this is why - money.

Young, we were able to do all this stuff and now, old we find God, when you are supposed to have Him all the time. Are our seniors, our elders, old folk are they telling the truth? Are they passing on the facts, are they accurately describing what actually happened?

3. Why the fabrications? The thing about this all is you don't have to be too bright to figure things out, just a strong desire. Lie.

Giving bad advise: You don't believe in God, you don't attend church on a regular basis, you're not a God fearing person, you're not educated, you don't read the Bible, you don't have a job, you need a hair cut, your pants, your dress, your financial standing, you're disrespectful... Pitted against, you just don't fit the All American family.

4. The fourth most popular thing seniors do is "Take Drugs". They do this before they do anything else. I'm not sure whose the worse abuser, seniors or Health Care Providers.

5. Watch the idiot box from Sunrise to Sunset, talking about woulda, shoulda and coulda.

Choices, do we have a choice?

(((your inner

"Working for it"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!