Working for It?

What the hell is it?

Do you know how anything works any more? Plagued by economic and social crisis, what's going on?

What's cheaper, more affordable, better quality, more effective and efficient other than, the system we use to over complicate this all?

What did we do before we had 9-5 jobs? HOw did we ever survive without this sinister word - JOB? How did we get real jobs twisted up with dead-end jobs? How did we get working to survive, confused with working for him to survive? Why are we so interested to hire young, inexperienced workers over experienced older workers?

With what were you born? With what will you take with you? Then for what in the world are we working? After all  these years of slavery, genocide and abuse do we have enough?

It's amazing how we've squandered all our resources by putting one entity in control and call it managing. How costs have spiraled out of control with resources still dwindling. Then, with all this work we claim we're doing, whose out working Americans?

The masses had nothing to do with this other than to be a pawn for sitting by and allowing resources to be exploited. Hell, they hire us to exploit us. Are we working just to be working so they included money so we'd keep working? Is working a distraction from other work we should be doing?

The question is, "when you ain't working what are you doing"?

Why do we work to keep working, knowing it's not working? If you get it, it will not be that we helped you, but you worked like hell to avoid all the traps, snares and blocks we could put in your way. It is for this which we are working -NOTHING less, NOTHING more!

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!