The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in America Thrives today more today than Yesteryear

What would you do if you knew the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of yesteryear still exist and strives even more in America today? Who would you tell? What if you knew you are guilty? Looking to see if this is true???

Proof the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in America is more alive today than yesterday. We have many ways of nicely saying this evil still exist but none which exceed our reasons to turn a blind eye. American slavery was big business yesterday and still big business today.

I wonder why things are the way they are in America today? Why must I leave my hometown to better myself...? What’s going on with Black America and why is it so difficult for Black Americans to get along? For all the reasons we say Slavery of Africans in America has ended and no longer exist, would be all the reasons for testing this theory. Two things motivate me for this “thankless task” of proving what everybody else wants to cover up in America. You deserve what you get and when you know better you do better and it is said to have ended why has progress been slow to none? Then, there is the question of how American Slavery endured for so many centuries and where is the "peace offering"? Why would you do something about what we all refuse to recognize?

Now that we are supposedly free, one would think and naturally so, for Black Americans to be eager to meet and greet each other to commemorate "the end"; but just the opposite is happening? One would think the quality of life especially for Black America, would significantly improve, based upon our new found freedom to do for ourselves. One would think everything would be affordable and eager to share what has historically been denied, but for every school integrated another private school created? One would think, Black businesses in America would thrive just as our White counterpart? One would think all Americans would unite in effort to make this all a success?

The worse part of this slavery realization would be, if I were able to prove to myself, I am still in slavery and even more than yesterday.

There are two groups of people, those in denial, which are the majority and those who impose such atrocities upon their fellow human beings, which are a very small but powerful minority. Why would anyone want to prove what is already known but swept under ground?

Blacks are just as guilty as White Supremacists and profit from the horrors of one of the most horrific injustices ever to be committed against a people. Call it "hush money"!

I sense there is something tainted about the freedoms allegedly shared with me in America. I know even though human slavery is a crime, discrimination in America is more prevalent than ever and is directed towards the same people about whom we say slavery was abolished. Even though I see more interracial relationships, I know they struggle more than relationships of the same race and it is all because of their association with the African race.

Why would you rebel against something which so generously rewards it's supporters, majority, and so severely punishes anyone who attempts to expose the evil and wicked ways of American slavery, a minority? Most "believe" slavery does not exist in America, even though they know otherwise. It operates under too many titles to mention them all but the most common are economic and social crisis.

Who would be the best source to ascertain the answer to this question? Why is it such a sore subject for our White counterpart? Is it for them to be sick and tired of having to entertain this notion, which people would be more justified? Is it because they still refuse to share what has been denied?

I know I pay more, am denied more, am ignored more than previous years of my life. It is mandatory I put my life on the line for their cause but highly unlikely for White Supremacists to put their lives on the line for Americans of color. Guns to defend against who? Who is the greatest threat to White America? This tells me the race situation in America, since integration, has diminished instead of improving. It tells me the desired results of forced-integration are not better race relations but worse. This tells me slavery has yet another new name.

Why am I forcing them to change when I have not changed? Why is my thinking more about them than for my people, when theirs is just the opposite? How can I know what I have never experienced –free to think and exist?

I have been given something called “civil rights”, which I do not understand, instead of “human rights”, which are rights for every human being.

After being apart of something so evil and terrifying as the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in America, I still do not know when it ended and nothing has been done to help either party cope, heal, ensuring this never happens to another human being.

The illusion is, I have equal opportunity to achieve the same quality of life as my White Supremacist counterpart, but why cannot I achieve it? Does White Supremacy still exist in America, how? Why am I so involved in fighting a war on terrorism abroad, when my greatest terroristic threat comes from White Supremacists in America?

In effect, out of all done to abolish this great evil it all was, least to say, a shabby paperwork drill, none of which was ever actually put into practice. In reality, it is a mental trick to cause me to "think", other than my better judgment.  That American slavery was abolished, does not exist today and now I are free to achieve equal opportunity, if I can prove discrimination.

Analogy: Chickens in a Coop. After a while chickens are trained. Then, you can free them but due to their training, they will not veer off too far and for the ones that do, they will feel guilty and easily corrected, because now the training you have imposed is now self imposed and the chickens will police themselves. This is the explanation for the alarming and escalating crime rate within the Black race, an attempt by Black Americans to maintain the standards of White America and if you try to escape somebody is going to tell. In which communities do law enforcement concentrate, why? Are Black Americans more prone to crime than their criminal minded White counterpart? 

While American are in a serious state of denial about what is written but not practiced, my last bit of unequivocal evidence the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade is still alive and well in America today: You know all the "mandatory requirements" Black Americans are required to meet in order to "qualify" as a productive citizen in America or to get a job??? Well, if an East Indian can enter into this country, cannot speak or read your language, have not attended your mandatory schools, could give a shit less about your patriotism, community and church, no need for a small business loan, but is allowed to own and operate a business within the Black community, what does this tell you about the state of affairs for Blacks in America???

What does this say about all those bogus mandatory requirements and professional titles to make us better citizens? How much harm has been done, how much stress, how many families destroyed, extra babysitting, misplaced priorities trying to meet these ridiculous criteria which were intended to hold Black Americans back instead of helping us progress?

We are severely scrutinized for even seeking government assistance while these foreigners are applauded for their abilities to profit and send our much needed money back to their countries.

It is all about the ability to "meet your needs" and the needs of Black America is a last priority in America, if not totally ignored and this is intentionally designed this way to keep us as "their slaves".

(((your inner

"Are you a slave today"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!