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It's amazing how one can think they've earned their way above and beyond from where they came. You actually "give up" your own traditions but yearning for the traditions of others who you claim denied you your traditions! From what tribe are you, why leave behind all your traditions only to blindly except the traditions of a people who  has historically abused you? Is that adapting or what or is your sense of commitment and loyalty warped? What makes everything we do "not good enough" but everything they do "perfect"? Why are we so disgusted by what we do, then why not change? We play with the wrong thang. What are you perpetrating or are you too much about money?

It's amazing how some people never change, but they expect you to change. They see themselves as exceptional and they see you as their pawn. Your job is one of them, your government, church..., they can be late, cancel... but what happens when you try it? Well, communities work the same and if our communities are suffering, if our government is struggling, if our churches are unclean, so are we. 

Talking about Main Street, Wall Street America and how good it is to be in one of these categories and how bad it is to be in the other, but what about Half Street America? Half Street America has been charged with cheating Wall and Main St. out of life and living? Living on half street, do you know what that means?

They keep changing the names in order to make themselves appear smarter, but the game is still the same. Whatever Wall and Main St. wants to do is good for Half St., but whatever Half St. America wants to do is detrimental to our society.  In other words, the only thing Half St. America is good for is serving the rest of America.

The only way you matter in America is that “you are a wage earner and tax payer”. IF you do not fall into these two categories you live on Half Street. On Half St. you can only have what Main and Wall Streets thinks you should have and that ain’t shit. They do all your thinking and they have the nerve to complain about what they were compelled to give, blaming the very people to whom they were compelled to give it. Is that blaming the victim or what?

Today, we’re very clever about pitting Main Street against Wall Street, but what about Half Street America? Who is Half Street America and does Half Street count?

Living on half street means you’re living in somebody’s back yard and when you’re living in somebody’s backyard you’re closer to them than anybody else. It’s different from living beside someone, you do have a little bit of privacy but living on half street, no matter where you look, you’re up close and personal with a neighbor’s window and you have every right to be there. Living in an apartment you can hear but you can’t see, but on Half Street you can hear and see it all, your every move and there are no fences, you’re in the middle of the block. Your drive way is a right of way that goes straight through theirs.

Everything on Half is a path or alley and most of the time, you couldn’t damn, because you’re down to the bare bones and nowhere else to go, therefore; you do not mind borrowing, a cup of sugar, one egg, one onion, a cup of milk, a cup of flour… Every time you open your doors, there I am.

Now, we’ve all gotten settled, let’s start speaking. How does my hardship become your burden? I’m just starting out and/or looking for affordable housing and Mr. Slum Lord done built these shacks in his backyard for me to stay. Today, we call all them shot-gun houses on Half Street, Ghettoes, Projects... Wealthy people profit from the weaknesses of the poor – alcohol, food, clothes, shelter, tobacco, beauty products, fuel.

If the rich buys up everything, what can the poor do? The only thing the poor can do is serve at the pleasure of the rich in exchange for their mercy. In America, this is how it works; mercy is the kindness or help given to people who are in a very bad or desperate situation. https://www.your-inner-voice.com/mercy.html  But what good is mercy without GRACE? Grace, Something About GRACE!

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!