-- "not getting" what you deserve or think you deserve.

In most cases, when you go out into the world, you are just the opposiste of what people expect? Do you have the proper credentials--money, dress, jewelry, auto, make-up? All of which has nothing to do with ones character, as a matter of fact they are contradictory to good character; but those are the kind of things we have come to expect? Without them you can be made to feel like a miss-fit. Without them, you will probably not land your dream job or be recognized by distinguished organizations. You will feel like youa re not geting what you deserve, which just might make you do something unethical to prove otherwise.

Hypocrite, hard-headed, stubborn, determined, failing to abandoned a selfish idea, hard, rigid, fixed or set in purpose or opinion; that is when mercy kicks in and you do not get what you think you deserve. And that is what's happening in our world today--economy, environment, jobs, health care, food, clothing, housing, seniors...

"Lord have mercy on my soul." Coming up, I heard that so many times, but never really understood what was meant. It was hard to imagine a people who knew they were doing the evil work of others, but felt it was necessary, for one reason or another. They were saying, I know what I'm about to do isn't good, but I am going to do it anyway to keep these people off my back. That's what happens when you get involved in something you are afraid to get out of. And that has evolved into the lifestyle many of us are accustom to today.

Many work jobs where they know they are doing things not good for humanity. These things not only violate the human rights of others, but if you do them, they compromise your own integrity. You hear people say things like, “it’s a job”, “I’m afraid of losing my job” or “this is my job”. It sad to hear and say, a person is denying another because it is their job. Boy, that’s a poor excuse to do anything. You should be working a job because whatever you’re doing is for the good of your community. How can I look forward to good things happening when I am doing evil?

Don't just think of yourself, much of what we are experiencing today is a direct result and answer to the prayers of our forefathers. Now, our prayers will effect generations to come--Unity. That's a scary thought isn't it?

I sympathize with those who suffer. I feel the pain of my hurting brothers and sisters and I offer help. I do my best to assist my neighbors. When people hurt me, I don't forget but I do forgive.

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