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What makes unhappy people and why? Are we parting the Red Sea or are we building more walls? Can I really tell you how I'm feeling and what happens when I do?

Is this something mass media would publish or is this just rubbish? How can you be sometimes good and sometimes bad? Why would you ever want to do a bad thing? It's not what you do, but why you did it? Did MOses get paid for parting the sea or was his rewards more valuable? Why can't we make this distinction? Today, if a man did something so spectacular as parting a sea, we would attempt to exploit it financially. 

What happens when you refuse to acknowledge your unhappiness? Do you lose touch with reality? Did we ever close the border to Mexico, what is Mexico to the United States and is Mexico our neighbor? How do you feel when you're fenced out?

Unhappy gets a bad rap. Who really gives a shit whether you’re happy or not? Then, why do we promote all these supposedly happy holidays, when they’re sadder by the moment? Why do we keep making ourselves unhappy and calling it happy?

Do you realize how many unhappy people with whom you interact on a daily basis? What are they doing for you and life? Do you act like you’re happy anyway? Most say you should but that doesn'tmake the problem go away. When you do that it seems to have the same effects as any other addiction.

People get addicted because of the feelings received from doing whatever they do, knowing too much of anything is detrimental to your good health. Hence, we’ve deemed some things good and somethings bad, knowing they’re all good when properly used. That’s a bad rap isn’t it and then we cover it up thinking nobody can smell the stench. Therefore, we dwell in the Unhappy arena calling it good.

When you really think about what we’re doing today, then what are you doing today, which made today what it is, how in the hell can you be happy? We Americans no longer understand what happiness really is. Somehow, we’ve substituted additional stress for being happy. How does being a technological guru make you happy? What about any of the other skills we’ve developed, carpenter, plumber, educator, lawyer, doctor, factory worker… how does any of these skills help you live a better life?

It’s not what we do as much as it is how. Our systems have become so corrupt; we refuse to believe in them. We say they are our very best, but in our everyday practice, we severely abuse, our most valuable possessions, people, land and resources. So, how is this abusive practice any different from the practice of any common criminal?

Why do we feel we must pay for everything, when it all has been freely given? Just doesn’t make sense when you really think about it. It all is meant for the people and it is the people who make everything to assist us at a better living, then; why in the sam hell would you make the same people pay? What about that oxen thing, if you’re working your oxen, would you allow it to freely eat, as long as it was producing well for you? Or would you make your oxen pay you for the food it eats while it helps you? Now, you understand why we’re so unhappy while we’re condemning ourselves to act like we’re happy. What kind of leader or business person would charge his own family, yet not expect them to charge him? Why would any man in his right mind  want to work for what has been freely given?

Is that how you come to exploitation? Is that how we’re so out of control and in denial about our religious beliefs? Is that our motivation for wanting to make the whole world just like us Christians? From the beginning of the history of America, I have yet to realize one good thing its people have done, unless you call doing a good thing for a bad reason good. Are we supposed to have social and economic problems? Are we supposed to be racist as hell? Are we supposed to be secretive in our recipes? Are we suppose to bottle-up all the earth’s resources and sell them for profit to the very people for which they were created? How, in any school of higher education does this strategy make sense? How can we come out ahead by being increasingly more expensive?  Are we ever going to get back on the right track of helping our neighbor? How can you help your neighbor without helping your family? How can you help yourself without first helping your neighbor? How can we be a great country without first being a great family? How can we be more critical than we are loving to each other? How can you call that “what we’re suppose to be doing”? Do you think our law-makers are happy or unhappy? How can you be happy seeing shit falling down all around you or do you think I don’t count? Well, how do you think this slavery thing came about and do you believe it’s over? How can happiness come to a people who first do not admit their unhappy? Wouldn’t be a need to be happy if people weren’t so unhappy? Why do we have a such thing as “junk food”? Who in their right minds would ever want to eat anything considered “JUNK” and call it good? Is that why we’re so inclined to eat out?

What is our explanation for us being so slow in the area of respecting every human being? How can you refer to me as uneducated while referring to yourself as educated, what is that attitude going to create? Why do we look to titles as a testament of our good work? Why do we act like we respect higher ranking people more than we do lower ranking people? Why have we made one people more important than another? Does your work speak for you or are you just working your job, whether it makes sense or not? How can you be a hypocrite at work, yet a saint at home?

Unhappy people suck the life out of everything around them and being unhappy stinks, no matter how much you try to cover it up.

Get in touch and stay in touch with reality. REalize what's the difference between make-believe, made up and what's really going on. Aren't we're suppose to help each other? Does my help come at a price? Are we in violation of the laws of reciprocation, doing to others what I want done to me? How can you expect to survive like that?

What can a heart conceal, laughing and playing like a clown, yes, I'm The Great Pretender.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!