Using what you have

Where are our worse cops, rural or urban areas? A Monday morning speeding ticket...

Does asking this question make me communist or so? What would knowing where our worse cops are reveal to you? Not all cops are bad, just as with anything else, but the majority leaves much to be desired? They cause you to question whether or not their here to serve you or fuck you?

Making the best of what you have? What are you thinking? What about your relationships, spiritually and physically? How do you get to the next level? What do you think about yourself? Is it a race thing?

Do our cops get paid to protect and serve or is it to harass innocent people?

What do you think about yourself? Know how think you’re accomplished and all of that? How black men are no good and all they want to do is listen to rap music and play games? You talk about us wearing our pants below our asses? Growing all this stupid ass hair…

Well this is your wakeup call!  I am going to show you how much of a “worthless piece of shit the world thinks of you”.  How hard is it for you to find a suitable partner and once you find somebody, how hard is it to maintain a wholesome relationship with them?

Today, after driving sixty plus years without a traffic situation, a good friend of mine got a speeding ticket, for driving 51mph in a 35mph zone. Now, you’re going to say, the cop was justified, but I’m going to prove otherwise.

It’s Monday morning and you’re on your way to your office, driving your brand new Mercedes Benz. You’re a female, college grad with an undergraduate degree, sixty plus years old, having a great day, you never speed (intentionally), but this morning you got a bit turned around,,, as matter of fact you thought the cop was trying to get by. As a matter of fact, you think very highly of those sworn to protect and serve. The cop comes to you all pissed off because you didn’t stop fast enough. Remember, you never had a ticket before.

Nervously, you listen and speak very nice to him, but the nicer you are the shitter he is. Now, is this officer upholding the law or is he “provoking an innocent person”? Tell me, what good driver, of 40 years experience never drove 21 miles over the speed limit? Are the cops supposed to be catching criminals or everybody? Does driving 21 miles over the speed limit make you a violator, deserving a citation or would a warning suffice? Where’s the human aspect to all of this? Put the shoe on the other foot, would you want to pay double, for what was an innocent, honest mistake? How do we get to the next level?

Historically, we abuse, waste every resource available to us? We violate the honest intent of the law to serve our own greedy asses and give you a ticket for trying to uphold the law? Was Harriet Ross Tubman a hero or a coward? Was Martin Luther King a hero or a coward? Is Paula Deen a hero or a coward?

So you actually using the resources available to you or are you abusing them? Your future is determined by whatever thoughts and feeling you’re having. That’ll take you to the next level.

Our worse cops reside in rural areas. Rural ares are considered nice and peaceful and they are not so concerned about retaliation. Now, is that good or bad?

The good old boy network controls policemen, now, are you apart of the good ole boy network?

For what are you using my money, my resources, my contributions…What is the incentive here? Do I really have a right or are my rights viewed through your eyes only?

(((your inner

2013 or 1953

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!