Wearing the Proverbial Halo When survival kicks in

The Captain of your Ship???

Of relating to or resembling a proverb, as in the proverbial woman, are you submitting to a common mention or reference?

Are you being pressured, in a fit of desperation, to be rid of the proverbial halo that others have placed over you, to put on the "new proverbial halo" no matter the size of your head? Does one size fit all?

What at one point made you comfortable, now has become a noose snuggly tied around your neck. If I do like my momma and children want, I'll be on the front row in the church. But why is there a difference between the front and back? Why complain about seating arrangements when you really want to sit in the back? And what kind of people condoned these hypocritical practices? Is trading one evil for another the way out?

Meeting the expectations of others, you have done and exceeded and now you say,,, You are going to do you? But is that right? Are you doing the wrong thing again for the wrong reasons?

If you were meeting the expectations of others and stopped, there is a reason why. The obvious answer is you saw you were going to perish by following the bullshit established by others.

You were made to feel guilty and somebody threw you a Christian life line, so you ran to Christianity and once reaching Christianity you found hypocrisy. Now you've taken the proverbial hypocrisy halo and hid behind it, saying "you're saved". 

Your rationale is just like chickens in a coop, you've adopted the lazy policy of "it is better to be locked in for free food from your enemy than be free to fend for yourself". What is domesticated?

But who is "Saved" in this world? That shows you just how far behind and in a serious state of denial we are. In denial of one's "true self", as it relates to others, which prevents us from living our lives to its fullest.

Self-survival instinct kick in when you’re sinking in a hole and nobody throws you a life line. You’re faced with a time-sensitive choice, do I perish or do I pull myself out? Only you know your strength within.

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Pressing Through

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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