Pressing Through

Ever been dealt a serious blow and there's nothing you can do about it...damn...

When simple, yet very important is neglected? When qualified fails?

What does pressing through mean and if we are pressing through, why is our economy and social system so depressing?

Terrorist, why is America so concerned about terrorism while I am not? Why am I so concerned about pressing through while America is not?

Ever visited a home only to learn what they say is just the opposite of the way they live? Though they lived in a home surrounded by beauty, it was filthy, cat and dog hair, animal feces…  everywhere, unorganized and never cleaned – serious personal hygiene issues. They shopped for groceries at their local Dollar General, existing on a diet predominantly of processed foods. Yet, kids were being raised in this very filthy environment. What happens when something so simple but very critical as personal hygiene is neglected?

The pain seems unbearable but the consequences of submitting are even more devastating and  long term.

The kids even attended private school and the parents had good jobs, the living environment was substandard to anything DFCS would allow. Though they washed, their cloths stilled smelled of animals and was covered in animal hair and lint. My point is these kind of irresponsible people are working in positions of authority, while positions of authority are saying “they do not tolerate this kind of behavior”. If these people are lazy at home, they’re lazy at work, but no one says anything, yet others are punished for the same behavior – double standards. Lies, deception, I'm told I'm inferior when it is actually YOU.

Right now, I’m personally knowing multiple people who had knee replacement surgery, with less than adequate results. They come out of a very expensive procedure with just as much pain and limited mobility due to arthritis and strong "pain" medications. My question to you is::: What did our ancestors do about all these bad knees and backs, on the back-breaking labor they perform? In other words our lives couldn't have started out BAD. It's us who created these problems, to profit. What good is building fancy shit and the people perish? Nobody can afford it! Now, you need insurance...

Yes, our systems are compromised and irresponsible people work in positions of great authority and that is why America is more concerned about “fighting terrorism than they are “pressing through” and this compromise was not started from without, but from within. This compromise was not by immigrants but by the irresponsible powers that be in America, creating systems that reject its own people.

Victims of this simple but great compromise are left empty handed and in chaos and confusion and in many cases submit to evil forces, when it all could have been easily prevented, when caught in time.

Pressing through means getting up off your asses and doing something about the issues before they become problems. Pressing through means though corporate America and mass media is selling us out, we must get up off our asses and do something about it.

What can you do? If you are smart you will wakeup to these giant too good to be true erroneous marketing strategies and stop submitting to all this fancy bullshit, conducting more research before taking the plunge into things like health care, mandatory education, insurance, politics, jobs, religion, government, justice…any and everything offered by corporate America and Mass Media.

When simple, yet very important is neglected the whole thing fails due to negligence, and the only option left is to Press Through.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!