Welcome America 2013

Do I feel this way because I'm lazy no good bum... Do I say these things because I never fought for my country... Do I speak based upon what is...

As a kid welcome to America meant something to my parents and I sought to carry it out, just like what I'm doing in this article.

How wrong was I and them??? And does writing this article mean I'm against America or am I for a better America, reaching those ideals we never reached?

Welcome to America means

What does WELCOMETO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA mean today, 2013? Is it a problem our country does not live up to its highest ideals and is this problematic? Does it depend on who you ask or is it due to how this country was created and still maintained?

Many would say, based upon the number of people desiring to immigrate to America, it’s all good, but is that true? And if so, why do Americans spend so much time and effort engaged in argument about differences between Americans?

What is America fighting right now, is one of them the influx of immigrant workers and why?

Does welcome to America mean Americans are gainfully employed and standing by to embrace your presence? Does welcome to America mean welcome to the land of equality and justice for all, and if so, then for who?

Why is America considered the giant welcome mat for the rest of the world, even while it’s citizens struggle like hell? The giant melting pot, is like the difference between a thoroughbred and a mutt? Am I a thoroughbred or a mutt, then why am I treated like a mutt? Is my choice or a default of the system I help to build?

Being an American citizen, have you been through airport security lately? Do they treat you like this airline was built by Americans to fly Americans safely or do they treat American citizens like the good old common terrorist? Are Americans their worst enemy, then why are we fighting terrorism the abroad?

Does welcome to America mean Americans are oozing with so much love, respect and admiration, we have enough to share? Does welcome to American mean our own are getting along so well, we have so much room for others, then off who’s tax dollars? What about our management of land and resources, are they plagued by waste, fraud and abuse?

Does welcome to America really mean welcome to the land of “milk and honey”, then why are Americans struggling so with crime, cronyism and corruption, why are they still escalating at an alarming rate? The knowledge is out there?

Does welcome to America today, 2013 mean welcome to giant marketing lies and political strategies created by corporate America and mass media to support the same, while it’s citizens are preoccupied in a shocking tug of war for economic and social justice just to feed itself - democracy.

Why don’t we openly recognize the problems to be properly corrected, instead of covering them up in false hope and sense of security. Are Americans citizens sharing the horrible realities of what is or sentenced to quiet, never taking advantage of the opportunity to express themselves, in hopes for a better day.  Welcome to America in 2013 means engaging in a serious flawed cycle of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Does the immediate future look any brighter or is it more dire, then why don’t somebody do something?

What people would best know this meaning, would it be Native Americans, African Americans or White Americans? Then, what people is responsible for all these atrocities, then why would you ask them?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!