What Color Are You? Should I deny it? How does denying devalue the human being?

Color has nothing to do with RACE. There are Black white folk and there are White black folk which makes for colored people.

Because racism has fucked up your brains does not mean white skin has some how become superior over black skin. As a "matter of fact" black skin is superior in every way to white skin. Are there more black people in the world? Why do whites want you to think white is superior to black? If it wasn't just the opposite they would have nothing to prove. Don't limit yourself to just what Americans teach you about yourself otherwise you may think being black is a bad thing. And no matter how stupid black people may act, it does not negate the fact of them having the superior, very best, optimal... skin color.

Just don’t call me Black…

So much depends on color, yet color doesn’t matter. Some say they do not see color as to take away from its negativity, but what’s negative about color these days? Does claiming a color put you in a box and is that box negative?

These are the people who want to be seen just as a human being, but does that hide their true colors? Is color a description, a label or both, who fault is that? Now, anybody can refer to themselves what they want, but does that make it so?

I’m not black, I’m not white, I’m not red, I get along with all people, so I just want to be seen as a human being, but what human being or any other animal does not identify with color? You say you know nothing of your African roots and you were born in America, so the only description you need is to be referred to as an American, but what does any of this have to do with your color?

And why would you get on “white folk tv” to make this known? Why would you accept “white folk money” to make this known: “I’m not Black?" No, you're not, you're just confused and mixed up as hell? White folk are known for giving power to their color, why not Blacks? Is it better to be "no color" rather than Black? Nobody has to tell you what color you are but it cannot be ignored and it is for that reason we must stand. If you do not value what you have then who will?

There are a few ways to value a diamond, some of which are: color, clarity, weight, shape… but you don’t want to be seen as any of this, just another human being? Color is a quality valued throughout the world. Take one quality away and you are of that much less value.

I understand not wanting to be limited by color or anything else but just to ignore one of the most attractive attributes in life is deceitful. What you make of your color determines the picture book of life and denial of what actually is is deceiving; what you’re really saying is::: don’t call me Black because I want to be associated with all people. But being of darker hue, how does that determine with whom you associate yourself? The only reason one would not want to be addressed by their color is that they are ashamed of it. If you see your color as a good thing then who wouldn’t want to be addressed as such. And if you saw white as negative as you see black, then you wouldn’t associate yourself with them, proving black is of a less desirable color when Black is the most desirable color?

Why don’t you prove your color to be of "superior quality" which you know it is? Without light, it's all dark and certainly we have well more darkness than light. If nothing else, the depths of the Oceans and outer space will tell you that.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!