What are you when you ain't a Christian?

God, Guns or Gold, where do you stand in this?

No other people should better understand the negative implications of such choices more than people of color, especially Black Americans. Yet, black Americans are the greatest supporters of the same weapons formed against them.

What are you if you ain’t a Christian in America? There are no perfect people, but so called Christians are more hypocritical than any other religion and we’re in a serious state of denial.

Why do you feel compelled to be a Christian, for the purposes of carrying out simple acts of kindness?

You have been made to feel like you need be anything other than self in order to have the best life. You’ve chosen Christianity because of the deceit and deception by which you have been exploited. So, you start telling the same lies to gain favor for self by entrapping others.

Christians have committed so many crimes against humanity they are compelled to join together as to justify and validate each other, to cause you to feel guilty because they are guilty.

We say you’re free to decide, but when your decision does not meet the expectations of Christians, then you are consider a DEVIL, treated less than a human being and subject to death at the hands of the same most loyal Christians. What else could be more cannibalistic or savage?

Christians are too quick to point fingers, as they overlook the same or greater atrocities they’re committing. Do you know how many people die, on a daily basis; just do to money related matters?

For Christians, which are more important, God, guns or God? Every time they will say God, but in their every action is rule by gold and guns, what kind of Christian is that - Domination.  www.your-inner-voice.com/no-joke.html How can you say God is most important when you enforce that with your abuse of guns and gold?

Any tool is good when the primary use of that tool is to help, but when the primary use of a tool becomes a weapon, you already know you have a serious problem. So, why don't we just give criminals/inmates shanks and allow them to do away with themselves?

The thing is,,, we do and that's why crimes continue to escalate at alarming levels. 

When Christians are judged by their own standards, which they grossly violate, everything they do will perish, due to their own negligence. And they have never been right because Christians are only loyal to other Christians with money and guns, which are the same inhumane laws by which they are guided.

You don't have to denounce anything, but to stop the domination you must do the most honorable thing and let them know it hurts. And you know exactly what's causing your hurt, well if you want your hurting, your domination, your destroying each other, your being treated less than a human being and/or your toleration of the same treatment to stop. Is the label Christian more important than "human being"?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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