White Wealthy Christians dominate

Why do you think wealthy white Christians dominate people of color?

What makes me know I’m Right? When does a black man ever listens to another black man?

White Wealthy Christians dominate people of color.

guns, gold and God

Right about what? Right about “we the people” are being led to slaughter and the slaughter is all over white wealthy Christians wanting to dominate people of color and they do this by any means necessary.

Why do these people want to dominate people of color? Because people of color are unable to dominate themselves. The real question is why do people of color allow white wealthy Christians to dominate them?

Who are these white people? They are the people, people of color consider the elite of the world.

How do white wealthy Christians dominate people of color? Black people want to be "wealthy and saved". Both of which requires them to seek and meet the approval of the people with the money and religion. Saved from what? White people dominating their asses. Black Americans are caused to believe, in order to be saved you must be like white folk and that is Christian. Christians use guns, gold and God to enforce deceit and deception.

Why don’t anyone come to the aid of people of color? Why would anyone come to the need of a people who see no need? People of color have too little faith in their own ability to aid themselves and believe and accept the ways of white wealthy Christians. Therefore are compelled to believe they are never good enough and must be educated by a system created by white wealthy Christians in order to “civilized”. But why would anyone want to be civilized without first being humanized?

Is this a good or bad thing? We all know this is bad, but to overcome the fear of fighting back, we’d rather fight each other over the “pecking order”. Whey you fail to listen and obey self, you just follow the program and that is how all this violence and abuse is tolerated. Is it good for one to destroy themselves just to satisfy what is perceived to be their superior race?

Amen! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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