What Did You Learn In School?

First Lady Michelle Obama out of touch and unaware of the political realities for African-Americans and what remains at stake for us.

Schools like Princeton University and Harvard Law School, how do you get there?

I understand this and I fully understand why, but do you understand, if the rights of one are compromised, then the rights of all are compromised? And this compromise has nothing to do with gender, race, character, work ethics and all that good stuff. 

Right now, more than 62 million girls worldwide are out of school? Why is that?

"What did you learn in school? The power of education to transform their lives. Working to raise awareness for this cause and for these girls.  As I've traveled the world, I have met so many of these girls -- and they are so bright, so determined and so eager to learn. This is a serious moral crisis -- and it's also an urgent economic issue: Girls who go to school earn higher salaries, and sending more girls to school can even help boost a country's entire economy. Girls' education is a health issue as well, because studies show that educated girls raise healthier families and have lower rates of HIV and maternal mortality. That's why earlier this year, the President and I launched an initiative called Let Girls Learn.”  – Fist Lady Michelle Obama

The First Lady also said, in school she learned how to speak up. But does “speaking up” make a difference? Are our leaders really open to hear, to listen, to appeal to those of us who “make sense”? Bill Cosby and the like of Bill Crosby’s spoke up. Malcom X, MLK, Shirley Chisholm, Harriet Tubman… all these people spoke up, but what they’re saying still seem to fall on “deaf ears”

Now, I am going to ask myself, What did I learn in school? A better question is how can I best apply what I learned? Though I had some good teachers, I learned nothing, a waste of valuable time, an substitute for what you really need, a hoax, another unnecessary barrier to your goals, not college material, go along to get along… So, there’s very little I learned in school that can be applied to survival in our society today.

You ask, how do I know what I know? The answer is “MY PARENTS”. I am proof that the American System of Education don’t mean shit, no matter your gender. Who cares I have a college degree, can read and write, speak my mind…? The only thing that means something today in the American society is MONEY. If you don’t have it, you will be indebted to those who do. Character doesn't mean shit in today’s society, work ethics don’t mean shit, education doesn't mean shit in today’s society… and it is all because we’re taught to work for wealth instead of the ability to apply what we teach.

Every time you learn something, they come up with a newer version you don’t know shit about. Take cars for example: Remember when every young man was taught to maintain a car to make it last. Well, what good did that do and who wants to make last when they make a newer model every year? Unless you are the latest mechanic, which can’t know shit because you ain’t been around long enough to know shit, you won’t be able to work on a car today and it's intentionally designed that way. In other words, we've updated ourselves right out of business and to the point only a privileged few can ink out a living working on cars or in any other industry for that matter.

Now, you going to tell me to go back to school, help girls get an education so they can better their lives, when it all starts “at home”. Remember, when women were the majority of teachers, how did that slip?

No matter the gender, teachers today, will tell you the moral issue you speak about is because of PARENTS. Parents are screwed up because of the immoral demands from corrupt society. What about “same sex” and/or “traditional marriage” which do we teach, which do you teach or are you just “going along to get along”?

So bright, so determined and so eager, What kind of society would ignore and turn its back on the talents of its on people?  What good is an education to a society who does not listen?

If we were good enough to be "recruited without their education" to do their dirty work, including raising their children, why aren't we good enough today?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!