What is MOney?

Why money? HOw much of our lives is based upon money and should it be?

wE say a lot of things shouldn't be but they still are? What is Money Explained with a chick coop. How does our government get us to see credit and debt as we do?

I always wanted money to buy the finer things in life and barring everything said about allowing money to control you, I took the plunge anyway. But there’s a good life lesson I learned about money when I built my first chicken coop and it has to do with saying what you can and cannot do with money.

Ever ask yourself, "for what am I working when the more I work the higher things cost"? How do you ever get ahead? Why don't you own anything, even yourself?

Most believe they need money to live and most believe they need a 9-5 job in order to live because that is the most honest way to earn money. Most believe if you don’t operate on this same level of thinking, then you’re no good for society. Why is money our number one priority, when we're money's greatest abusers? What are we actually expecting from Russian we’re not willing to do for ourselves.

Well, just how do you achieve success? Who’s the perfect example, who should I ask, believe and/or immolate? How are we made to give money so much value? Well, you can’t go any where if you don’t have money? Money is for what we’re all working and why does the church need money and they tell you money should not be your number one priority or our primary median of exchange? Why is gold the basis for our money and who approved that?

You say I needed money to buy the materials for my chicken coop, then I needed money to pay someone to build it, then to pay for the chickens, the food, the maintenance…; but still you want the eggs? What good are the eggs when you still don't know nothing and not willing to learn? If I were given all the money I needed, I would buy everything and appreciate nothing. All I would do is try to keep everything I bought.

Simply, we're denying ourselves, saying all the important stuff we know and need is too much work and too little return, even though we still want it. But we will still go into a business, not ours, and pretend to be so dedicated and constructively employed. Why no motivation without money?

What did our people do before all of this, before they had money, why has it changed; then why do you still believe you need money which has no value and even less to a people who does not want to do the work? Do we build our cars to last or do we build them to cost more?

Now, I know why we don't know the financial value of anything and everything is overpriced. MOney has the value we give it and we've given money more value than what we need to consume? So, we just keep paying more and more money for less and less quality and the quality we all deserve and so desperately need is reserved strictly for those with the money.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!