What's freely Given?

You say, "not a damn thing", but what happened?

for This.


Are we doing the right thing, going the right way, doing the best we know how, or are we just fucking up even worse?

It's amazing how a man can take what's in the ground and steal it for himself. One minute everything is fine, people are finally working together, creating easier, building better much needed facilities, for pay, only to have to turn around and give, pay for it back? I just don't understand this logic?

Where did the price get attached? I know ain't nobody paying me and I have to live, just like everyone else and certainly, nobody gives a shit, while who am I? But knowing life has been created the way we've created it I know, you've added a price on my head. Somebody is getting paid on my efforts and refusing to pay me.

I'm known for helping others, being a Change Agent, a fellow free spirited human being, and without a doubt there's great honor in this, more so, than much of the other stuff I read that nobody says they want to listen. oh, I've done and few things and still will, if given a chance, but ain't never even wanted to do something so evil as to discredit a group of people. Never as evil as refusing to have the knowledge and the courage to announce what you're leading me to do is not there and it doesn't feel good. Where does The Trail of Tears lead and leave you? Are you forgiven or in denial? Are you still lying to yourself, acting like it still ain't happening? What good is living longer when we're steady eating away at our quality of life? How could church mean life for one and death for another?

Don't you think God was smart enough to properly equip us for life,  how did you get a price in there? As we artificially light up the world and encounter more danger compared to those who operated without, yet achieved more, how do we justify? The more we do to detect and deter crime the more crime we get and now crime has become big business, why is that?

Why, how does one man prey on and profit off the weaknesses of another and call himself profitable? How am I helping by causing you to  pay for what I'm supposed to do and how high does the mania go before realizing the consequences, the reality of all this? How shoddy must our quality of work depreciate as costs keep rising?

What good does it do for you to hire me and I hire out only to give it right back, so why money? Why do we even go through this nothing exchange? Why don't either of us have the intestinal fortitude to say, "it wasn't about the money" but rather, it's our responsibility to help one another? Why would one person want to make a slave out of the other for a dollar? Free is Free, you want me to work free while you do what? I mean God put the oil in the ground, God created all our resources and services without charging one red cent, people created products and services from these resources, so in where comes your costs, profits and losses, yet we denounce prostitution? Pay for performance, the word helping has taken on a whole new meaning.

How can we not realize the criminal implications of what we're doing? I mean, if you have to go through all the aggravation of figuring out how much you're going to receive in order for you to give, aren't you defeating your own purpose? We say simple is better while continuously and constantly over complicating matters.

Wake-up your campaign by getting more donors? Your contributions to society, are they real or deceitful, generous or stingy, appreciative or arrogant..? What, how does a man prosper by deceiving others?

What kind of man would put an additional charge to healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out demons, when he wouldn't want you to do it to him? How can something, no good for human consumption, causes nothing but more pain and suffering, become so valuable to human life?

Freely received and Freely given, why put a price? What you stole I would have freely given, so why steal it? If it is not freely given, then it is not worth having.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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