What's Right With The World

From a die heart fan to a raging fanatic?

From Updated to outdated:

Is it me or is it them? Have you noticed that everything we said was good for you is now said to be bad for you? That what was once simple is now more complicated than ever.

What used to be an outing to your favorite sporting event, a hotdog and a soda, today, is a raging event ruled by technologically savvy extreme fans and unhealthy processed foods. It has come a time when asking, “does it make sense” don’t even make sense.

What was not done to avoid trouble is now done out of fear of offending someone. Everything you need is just out of reach. You try going to church and there they tell you “go for the Lord not the people”??? Then, my thing is why do you need to go in the first place? Where is moderation, who's the loyal fan and who's the out of control fanatic?

Jobs, health care, racial division…, somebody said look at nature, but everywhere available to you is owned by someone else or you need transportation to avoid all the No Trespassing Signs. Whatever happened to this land is your land this land is my land?

You’ve got the glass half full people and the glass half empty people, but what good is that when the water is polluted? We do far too many things with the best of intentions while the results are much less than desired.

We live from state of the art, forty or fifty years ago to economic and social disaster today. We’ve literally outdated and over-priced ourselves into nonexistence. Living together in a world falling apart, things just don’t make sense anymore. Is it the things or what we do with the things?

Economic woes, we’re more on edge and stressed than ever before and the crazy part about this all, is it just doesn’t make sense.

The right place, life is a trade-off between the hand you’re dealt and the path you must take, and understanding this is the key to leading a more purpose driven life.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!