Social Skills 

Can I be Me? Do they compliment or hinder? How do we apply social and economic skills?

I want so much to be treated like a decent human being, but why not? No matter how well I treat myself, the rest of the world uses it against me. My social and economic skills seems they're never good enough?

YIV says you are who you are and if you don’t know, who does; but is that so? It’s easy to say, but as I think about what I’m supposed to do, it seems we’re a long ways from being our true selves. Are we being processed and intentionally led astray? Why are we conflicting? Why do I love and respect you, yet you hate and abuse me? Why are we dead-set and determined to change our environment, if this is not us? Why can't I be just American?

In the beginning there were character, duty, honor, country… How do some get away with categorizing and compromising certain principles to make their plan appear healthier, when it is actually more detrimental - government shut-down? We also have laws and rules that dictate who I'm supposed to be. Can I be who I am without compromising the same?

As we travel along life’s journey something ugly has evolved and even more puzzling, we seem to accept and embrace this ugly monster and this ugly monster, deceit and deception, seems to be the corporate world and the corporate world has convinced the rest of us we’re wrong and need their help, power and money, to be right.

From birth to death, as we develop in to adults, there are many factors to be considered. I’m going to say most of them are foe, even the people beside whom we work on a daily basis. Sad but true.

Now, if we look at “just People” can we see if human beings really know who they are and do they behave accordingly? Are we well more divided than we are united and quickly becoming more divided everyday? Why is the drug man more effective than the preacher man?

If it is true, you are who you are, then why do we have so many behavioral problems? Why is there so much violence and abuse, corruption and cronyism, racism, crime, price gouging, unapplied education…? Do we pit ourselves or are we being pitted against each other? Why do we say one thing, yet practice another? Why is it all about the dollar instead of being all about character? Why are our children being pitted against us? How can I be happy when I’m confronted on every front about my color? Did I want to be a slave, an Uncle Tom… did I want my people to be hated the world over? What’s wrong with my color? How can we be good working buddies, but off duty, the greatest of enemies? How can I be me without being a criminal, within the eyes of the corporate world?

My inner voice tells me, if I am who I am, then why are people offended by my use of, so called profanity, while being impressed with corporate world’s abuse of power, money, weapons…? Why are people offended when I use the same facilities, language, social skills as they use? Why is it so effective when they use it and unintelligent when I use it? From where do you think I learned all this confusing shit?  How can a man with everything feel terrorized by a man who has nothing? How do you expect me to believe I’m being treated like a fellow human being when in reality I know I am not?  Is it that they want me to be “a nothing”, no matter my oppressive past?

Why can the corporate world be commended avoiding integration, for their use of all these evil tactics and I considered a militant or something much less than a decent human being for telling the truth? And believe it or not, these Big Boys are considered “hard to beat”?

When you compare, how do you expect me to be me when you are not you? Today, I attended one of the most elite functions in the state of Georgia and went from there to one of the most deprived functions in the state of Georgia.

Do the elite put-up with this kind of economic and social deprivation? Do you think the elite, whose tables were running over with food, was concerned about the people who struggled to feed themselves? Not that we have to rub shoulders, but if we had anything in common today in modern America, it looks like food and the necessities of life would be readily available to all. Do you think all those poor people, possessing all the required skills needed to run our country, were concerned about what they were being deprived?

The elite was only concerned about how much more they could get, "we could sell that", while the poor was only concerned about how much less they could get, "can you imagine him being my baby's daddy"? Which should be just the reverse!

We are how we behave and our behaviors are learned. What happens when we make deceit and deception our natural state of being? We perish for being something we're not. I reject the current social and economic practices of the elite and the poor so, who am I? What is a chameleon? 

Truth and realism are our natural state of being and we prosper for being true to ones self.

What good does it do to be me when everything I need can only be had when I behave like you?

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!