When History disagrees with History

History repeats and what is karma?

We are making history even as we speak, so what it there to write about? Were there any writings before you came, what about statues and racists ass names? Did anyone attempt to deny you human rights, as a fellow human being?

It is amazing how easily the conquerors are able to dismiss the pain and suffering of the people conquered and likewise it is just as amazing how eager people are to join in the greedy spoils of war, shared by the conquerors. No sense of remorse by the conquerors for their victims, so they rewrite history claiming themselves victor, superior and the spoils are shared to further advance their cause. There is something here about manipulating and pressuring people into agreeing with what they are afraid to disagree???

The spoils of war quickly vanish, due to corruption and exploitation, and by now, those who shared in the spoils feel just as entitled as the conquerors. The fact they "feel" entitled is also an indication of their doubt about what and how much is shared with who.

Then, there is trickery, pitting one against the other as distractors, all of which lure us into domestic confrontations. Why would you care more about a statue than you do people, land and resources, why are we willing to fight to death over something so insignificant? Why name land and resources after people, if not trying to dominate, manipulate, intimidate and/or maintain control? Why not name and recognize heroic acts with nature, instead of buildings, roads, billboards...knowing how prone we are to false advertising? What were the statues and names before you gained control?

Victors do not ask for what they want, they take it, but victims and others desiring to share in the spoils must submit themselves, in order to gain access to the spoils, all of which is inhumane or whatever happened to being civilized? Where is the humanity in any of our arguments? Do you actually think white folk or white Americans rule, are always right, are the final word... do you call this progress, are they really living the life they want you to believe? So sophisticated strategies are conjured up to extort whatever is needed from any party.

How can you rewrite history and how can you expect victims to agree with your rewrite? How can you rewrite history omitting the truths about what you had to do to dominate people, land and resources? 


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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!