Where, What has happened to real Black brothers and sisters?

Being a real brother or sister has never been socially or politically correct, but what has happen to real niggers today.

Long story short: For as long as "the new America" has existed "we" knew "all" White Americans were doomed to hell and for obvious reasons but what about the niggers who were fighting for the right to be treated in accordance with human rights?

If you wondered where I've been over the past few months, the reality of where the hell are the real Black brothers and sisters has had me busy and had me very concerned. I just don’t see any more real black Americans and being I consider myself a real black American, this concerns me. Where did my fellow Black Americans go, what happened and what’s happening to us?

There were a people in American who was treated as if they were not good enough and was the target of stupid mind-games. They were denied, severely scrutinized and punished for anything which would cause them to embrace their own identity and/or culture. This is what united them and working to abolish this gross form of injustice is what they had in common.

Systems were created to help these people become just as accepted as White Americans. Black Americans were very engaged, very prevalent and often seen in training and on over worked and under paid "dead end" jobs providing products and services for White Americans. Black Americans humbly submitted to all the sanctions imposed, in hopes of a better day. Did the “better day” come and I not know?

Have you really tried talking to one of these new niggers/new Black Americans? They have no respect for those around them, much less for themselves. They think because they can do things like enter the same doors as their white counterpart, they have arrived. They fail to see how broke the system still is. They are only concerned about their own asses, until reality hits home. Our men, women and children are suffering like hell, while we run-around acting like. Who will be the first Black American to be a Black American again, in America? Somebody is going to ask, "What is a real Black American"? If you must ask this question you are lost in the game. We have the hairdos, nails and other non-essentials but happened our struggles to right wrong?

Everywhere you look today, in America, our country is under construction like never before. New houses, new roads, new businesses, landscaping… busy tearing down old shit and building new. It seems someone opened the flood gates and all this construction stuff started. One can only imagine waking-up and not knowing where anything is any more. We do not know who, what, when nor where, but obviously someone somewhere knows what is needed and is in hot pursuit to provide it, before any other American.Maybe it has something to do with "Making America Great Again".

In all of this new construction, you would think, based upon the number of Black Americans in America, the abuse endured and the longevity,,,you would see more of us involved, at all levels. But not so? The majority of workers seen on these construction sites are Mexican (immigrants) and whatever is being constructed is owned and operated by White Americans. But, what is white America going to do with all this shit they've called themselves creating, other than boast? You do see a few Black Americans but they are not who you would expect them to be, after undergoing the sanctions imposed. The ones I see still work deadend jobs under inhumane conditions. So, what’s happening to “real Black Americans” in America today?

Wealth and aspirations to achieve wealth has caused real Black Americans to take on a new identity and strangely it is the identity of the very people who first imposed inhuman sanctions upon us in the first place. Do Black Americans support Americans in their clever manipulations to impose the same deceitful control tactics upon the rest of the world? Why would the rest of the world want what we are experiencing here in America?

So, White America has finally succeeded in abolishing any evidence of the real Black American, even Martin Luther King, the latest of a long list of real black Americans. Why not Marcus Garvey, didn't he do more to further the efforts of Black Americans than MLK, Man Know Thy Self? Dead memories of grossly distorted truths are all which remain. Black Americans have been voluntarily trained to give up their own identities, culture and traditions, in exchange for those White Americans consider acceptable, socially and politically. Misinformed and misguided, today Black Americans have mastered the evil mind games of their white oppressors and are whiter than the white Americans they fought against. Now, Black Americans no longer understand the severity of the consequences for "going along to get along", which has only resulted in increased corruption, confusion, chaos and loss of a strong since of identity and self-worth.

If we all act and look like them, how can they treat us differently? They don't have to because you are doing it for them. We have excepted their low standards for our higher standards. Now, we are walking around talking about socially and political correct.

It was wrong then; nothing has changed for the better, so how can we be better? The only thing changed is "Black Americans are better at hiding their hand about helping White America further exploit people, land and resources.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!