Misguided and Misinformed

Is lotto your greatest hope of success? Is it a help or hindrance? Whose pockets does it fill, yours or the pockets of those smarter?

What happens when you join a misguided and misinformed people? What is the function of sleep, is it to rest and be revitalize or sleep and be lazy? Is proper rest essential to an aggressive exercise program? ARe we in a war or at war? Is it against each other or learning and teaching how to better survive? What about timing, dependability and accountability? With whom and what are you doing? What are you doing?

If you are so damn intelligent, why cannnot you come up with your own damn lottery - dump-ass? Is lotto how you raise your children? Nothing against it, but is it your only hope of being a great success? How does it teach you how to serve anything other than your own selfish ass - curse and a blessing? What kind of blessing is that-Jumbo Bucks and Bingo? Tricks are for kids.

Misguided and Misinformed About what, where, who, why??? What does it mean?

It means what we have today, 2012, which is nothing. As a matter of fact, we have less than nothing. Why are your children running around without purpose? Can you see, do you fully recognize and understand? Above all things, get understanding.

If your children are running around, do you understand why? It means that is what you taught them and still teaching. What exactly are your children learning in these institutions of higher learning? Are they being taught they know more than you, meaning you are incapable of teaching your children what they need to know, in order to survive, now who is the “dumb-ass”?

Why are your children being taught by a people who teach and honor not raising your own? They didn’t teach and raise their own children, but you did, so who is the teacher? Now, how do they trick you into thinking you need to send your children to their school to be educated? Do you fully understand the implications of such?

Now, what are our teachers teaching our children? What are they teaching them to be? All this technology means what, when our homes, neighborhoods are suffering?

What must we do: If you do not stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Unsung heroes, common people doing profound things, in a common way.

You are born and live here in the land of “milk and honey”, yet you have no milk and no honey? You were born in a land divinely designed to feed you, yet you are starving? Why am I short? Why do I teach my children they are without? You have abuse land and resources in such a fashion you no longer can afford to live.

You must work for it. The likes of cows provide milk and the like of bees provide honey; they are natural resources, which cost nothing but getting off your ass and going out and collecting.

How can you multiply which you do not replenish? Every morning wake-up with a plan to serve your own divine purpose, not somebody else’s.

Will truths feed, clothe, shelter and transport me? Then, why would I do other wise? If I come up short, what does that mean? Am I prospering, wasting my time, why ain't my shit getting paid for? It got fixed.

Create your own lottery...making it work for you...

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