Where are Black American Leaders?

why don't we know and respect them? Is their President our President?

I posed this question to one well respected friend and they said, "they are in hiding afraid of being killed".  Blacks leaders in America emerge when White America allows. Otherwise, Black Americans are forced to be subordinate to leaders approved by White Americans. The illusion of being included is another factor making us loyal and obedient to White America, So, until White Americans permit us to respond to their violence and abuse to us, we shut-up and smile.

Black Americans do not have authority, permission to create their own desperately needed leadership in America.  They can have two Americas but Blacks can only have what's leftover.

Do Black Americans need their own leadership? Just as sure as we are Black but missed every opportunity, so by now, who gives a shit? We will just keep acting like theirs is good enough. 

Was the first Black President  pro Black American? No, he applied himself to be "just American" so he would not encounter so much flack for helping a people truly deserving. Hell, we could have put to good use the money spent tracking down Bin Laden. What did he ever do to Black folk? We don't own no buildings or 911, don't even know what it means, remember we are kept in the dark and fed bullshit, until needed.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!