HOME, will somebody please tell me where is home?

Stress and depression?

We’ve told so many lies about home, it causes one to question, “where is home”? What exactly is your permanent address, is it any different from where you're living, is there a such thing?

The place we learn and share responsibilities, home is where the heart is, no place like home, mother nature, own your own home, wherever papa lay his hat, ghetto, slums, political parties, racial divides, religion, age, investment, crime…

Is home the place where you’re hated the most, you just don't give-a-shit? What makes a home? Should children move out or move back in? What about responsibilities at home? Why should they be even confronted with this dilemma, if we're doing our jobs?

Who’s responsible for paying, how do you become head of household? What is a stable environment and how do you maintain it? Why are immigrants allowed to live the way they live, yet I’m not allowed to live the way I want to live? Why do home continue to increase in value, while decreasing in quality?

Then, why am I never home? Work and play, do you know how little time we spend in the place for which we pay the most money? All this work and play we do, we don’t work nor play at home and we pay all this money just to have sleep apnea.

Is home here, even more stress and depression!

In which home do most live? If neither, then where are we living? One we want to leave and the other we can't get, but we created both. Whatever happened to economically and financially feasible?

Is the dream of owning your own home any more realistic than yesterday, is it worth it? Why should your kids go out and do the same stupid thing as you, when we don't want the homes we've built, a place for which you can never finish paying, no matter how much you pay - scary?

Ants live in a hill, what would happen if each ant got his own hill?

Which photo most accurately depicts what is? If we've created such loving homes, what's going on with our towns/our hills? As we come up with more ideas to build what we refer to as better homes, what's happening to our resources? The more we do to achieve peace and harmony the more costly they become? Would you do that to your home?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!