Cultural Diversity at "Work"

White women in corporate stores (labor intensive jobs)...

The keyword here is "WORK". Of all the people to be racists, you would think "white American women" would be the least of them. Women rights, being mother, a Christian, all knowing, one would think white American women to be caring and service oriented especially to their own kind (woman).

But, in particular White American Women are their own worse enemy, especially to the same gender. Even with "same sex" relationships on the rise and their new experienced freedom, white American women are becoming even more treacherous in performing their duties. White women don't want to do shit anyway, other than sit on their asses and talk about others. If you don't want to be on your job or you don't want to do the work, why do you get these labor intensive jobs?

I was in Lowe's Home Improvement the other day and as I approached the contractor's desk, I observed two (white) women service reps gathered around one woman on the phone. Is this a time to shine or does this spell trouble?

As I stood there waiting be served, two walked away and the one on the phone attempted to help me but her attitude was as if my presence was interrupting her phone call. Now, I was only there to pick up some shit I had ordered and had already paid. She'd ask me a few questions and would go back to her phone call. She'd forget what she last asked and ask me the same shit all over again, but as if my presence annoyed her. Bearing with the situation, I thought how rude. After about the third attempt to see what my order was, I was too hot and a verbal altercation ensued and she sent me to customer service, another woman, only to be redirected back to the first. By that time, I'd had enough and my order was presented.

White American women ain't "eager" to go get shit that's a bit bulky or heavy. The problem is, white American women don't won't to do physical labor and especially when it comes to serving a Black Man. Are they intentionally placed there to throw Black people off their game?

Why do "incompetent white women" hire themselves out in positions requiring physical labor? The other question is, why do corporate stores hire them for these positions?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!