anachronistic and historically vexed

Who does this describe and why? “house master” 

Harvard, Princeton and Yale how are they related to the Aryan Brotherhood. Harvard and Princeton have eliminated the title, now why is that subject of debate at Yale? 

a new center devoted to race and ethnicity and new faculty positions dedicated to the histories, lives and cultures of under-represented communities.

What's wrong with becoming a master of your profession? Are there still under represented communities in America and do they look to their leaders as masters?

Well, that just depends on the objective of your profession. Do you think three Ivy League schools in America would abuse the title of "master"? If there were no evidence relating to this well meaning title would the subject have ever come up?

Do you call the person master or are they recognized as being masters of their trade? Ayran Brotherhood is a ruthless notorious gang. Harvard, Princeton and Yale University have "messed-up more niggers than "corn whiskey" and they have been in business long enough to know better. Are these institutions of "higher learning" breeding grounds from much of the racial and ethnic problems in America? Now, who are our Ivy League Schools training?

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racism and xenophobia

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!