Who Are YOur People

Do your remember asking or being asked: Who your people? What happened?

Are we adding insult to injury? Today to ask someone that question might be an insult, but to ask for all that other demographical bullshit is even more of an insult.

Man, I can remember when a good woman wouldn't tell her age, but today it's another story: DOB, SSN, Driver's license, and it still ain't enough to prove who you are. Looks like people steal your identity even faster. But when we used to ask, who are your people, we immediately knew with whom we were dealing. We talked about other families as people. Knowing your people gave insight to your purpose in life. We were much more caring and concerned.

Though we say we're getting closer, now we know, we're getting farther apart, farther apart from family, community, country and sense of purpose. In this new world, NObody knows anybody, to hell with how you treat a neighbor, your neighbor just might be an undercover agent. So, we're even more fearful of our neighbors and that's dangerous. When people have a no good strong sense of family, there's no telling what their liable to do, just ask some of our early Americans. 

Today, that fact has not changed. Did Native Americans refer to themselves as Native American, is that a kind greeting or an major insult? Do we care, are we that arrogant, insensitive, inhumane? is it that we were so busy trying to cover our dirt, we left a few stones un-turned? Was it because of our warped value system, if your family was no good, then you were treated the same?

Disowning any child means you failed as a parent, if we are a community. Is it that we want to destroy our own identities and the identity of anyone with whom we deal, in order to cover-up? Was it our sick ass attitude towards each other? How we were taught to hate on one another and call that brotherly love? Is it still that way today or worse?

Now, who are your people?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!