Who Is Jesus Christ

- The  Truth

Truth is what you live, not what you think or believe. Then, why do Christians teach otherwise? Can you gain respect from your enemy by following them?

I was introduced to and known  Jesus Christ (JC), born of the virgin Mary, died for our sins and the Son of God to all Christians, all my all my life. The thing about these Christians is they "all" prove to be the wicked hypocrites with whom I've ever come into contact, and that's over the past 60 years. And in particular, this wicked behavior is directed towards the indigenous people of America and to Africans brought to America, Women and Children.

Born Saved or Unsaved, never good enough in you eyes, how could this be? Remember, that you do to others is also done to you.

Who is the culprit, if these are the victims? The most notorious culprit of the Christian Religion is the White American Male.

How could he be the son, in flesh, being conceived in Spirit? Then, what is the difference between Christianity and the religion of the indigenous people of America?

The more I learned about JC the more questions I had. Why did he allow others to mistreat me and my people, if he died for our sins? They committed sin and I was the victim. Why did the people, believing in JC, annihilate the indigenous people of this land and still their land and life giving resources?

Why did Christians enslave African-Americans, why do they act like they hate African-Americans? Freely committing all these kind of heinous crimes, how do these grossly wicked people consider themselves holy and sanctified and savagely intolerant of all other? Why do these very evil believers and doers committing all these crimes in the name of JC, call themselves Christians? The real question is, why can't African Americans enslave Christians or at least free themselves?

Why would I believe a people world renowned for lying, stealing, killing and destroying? Ok, now you’re going to send me to the Bible, which has made these evil Christians, believing in JC, the most hypocritical people in the world. Why is it all written in a book, when it has already been written in our hearts, causing us to not follow either one, especially a book where I am deemed the target of its followers?

Why the Bible when the Bible is the book by which these very wicked people justified their evil actions, including denying it from African Slaves? Now, that black people have fought hard to gain access to the Bible, their lives are also plagued by the wickedness of this evil people. We no longer follow the Bible but the ways of these wicked people who believe in the Bible, JC and call themselves Christians.

Christians, why all the division, demographics, why are all our differences so important to divide us from us? Why is a brown cow superior to a black cow and as you fight over these differences, what about our natural predators? Another distraction, do they care about one being superior to the other?

With JC having so many names, why and how do you know the imposture - The act or instance of engaging in deception under an assumed name or identity? How do you love your neighbor and deny them all at the same time? What makes you superior and me inferior, all at the same time? Is Christianity just another reason or religion to remain at war? Come one come all, like Politics, Racism... why do Christians see their religion as a subject not be discussed in social settings?

Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God – William Carey I no longer live but Christ lives in me. If the son sets you free, you will be free indeed.. Come and see what God has done. Christians measure everything in terms of material gain. Jesus Christ is LORD?

We need something outside ourselves to make us believe in ourselves. Being the wiser to what others believe and denouncing all others; why do we call this thing within us, JC?

JC and the God Christians speak of is one of the largest profit making machines , cruelty, guilt, brutality ever invented and show signs of no remorse by never properly addressing their unimaginable atrocities.

If God of the earth is not God all over the earth, then who is God on other planets and why does he denounce all other Gods, if he is the God of them? If he sent his son JC to die for us on earth, who did he send to other planets and why can’t we communicate together, why do we denounce all other?

If JC  and his loyal follows are who They are, then who the hell are the likes of Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Harriet Tubman... and their loyal followers, and for who/what/why are they fighting?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!