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Halloween 2013, there's lots of tricks but where are the treats? Do you sometimes think about HELL? Where is hell and who's going?

Happy Hallowe'en! For those "spooked" by the length of "Unified Results," delivered by our leaders, here is the simplified, "bare bones" article on how to fill in your "GAP"!...

Most will not admit they think about hell as much as we do? Do you believe we're first attracted by appearances, then personality and interests, is this the way it's should be? What will this get you? What will you get for being as prejudice as hell? It they aren't like yours, what does that mean?

What about demographics and those committing crimes, do you think they think about hell before they commit?

What about mean ass people, do you think they think about hell before taking action?

Racists, Politicians, Lawmakers, Preachers and All so called Professionals do you think about the possibility of going to hell, the same way our social and economic systems have gone to hell, stressed to the limit? We've created so many tricks but no fixes. 

Unyielding, Democratic Party against Republicans, health care, spying,  pending budget deals, why are so many people complaining? Why is there so much confusion and chaos, do you think we think there's hell waiting for us in the end? Do you think whoever monitoring can distinguish the difference between those going to hell and those not?

Who do you think the authority is? Jesus Christ, Santa Claus, do you think believing in any of them is going save you from hell? What makes us create laws just to violate  them? Do our law really make any sense when nobody follows them. Take "Thy shall not Kill", do you think wars are excused because they are in the Bible? Do you think slavery is excused because it's in the Bible?

Do Christians live anything like what the Bible says? Why is there so much waste, fraud and abuse? So, what is the incentive to do good?

Know the difference and admit it. Nobody has to tell you what's really going on. If there's a hell below, we're all going to go.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!