Who chooses your Man?

The man in your life, how did he get there and why doesn't he want to stay?

Is it because of your shortcomings? What happened to what brought you all together?

Who chooses the man in your life? Is it you, your children, family and friends?

Have you ever made the right decision about the man in your life? Most of us don’t want to admit the truth in this matter.

Then, why do we have so many relationship problems? Why do we deviate from the old ways of dating? Why are dating sites so popular and why do they have so many applications to assist you in your selection process? Can they actually chose a better mate for you than you can for yourself?

Are you happily married or just pleasing society? What do you say for all those failed marriages, married several times or just do not want to be married? Are they gay and is it wrong to be gay?

Why is domestic violence and abuse such a problem? Is it you or the society in which you live? Why is an already alarming crime rate still escalating?

Is it get married and forget about what the rest of the world is doing? What would you do if you caught your husband cheating? Did he choose you or did you choose him and does that make any difference? Does the society in which we live support “happy marriages”? Then why are “same sex marriages” on the horizon?

Do you think the man and wife, as we use to know it, has run its’ course or do you think the old cheaper to keep her marriages are going to win?

Were we wrong in thinking marriage was just for a dedicated man and a woman? Where we wrong in our definition of God ordained marriages?

With so many new people wanting to get married, what are we doing about it?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!